Everyday tasks that will help you grow your business


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Everyday tasks that will help grow your business

Every small business owner is looking to grow their business. Unlike larger businesses, however, you don’t have money to throw at the problem, or experts to consult. It’s all up to you.

Scaling up can be a big challenge, especially at the beginning. So, make it bite sized. Setting yourself just a handful of achievable goals you can work at every day is going to make a huge difference over time.


So, patience and persistence! Take our tips below and water that business, baby - it’s ready to grow!


1. Embrace your inner influencer


Social media is a great way to source customers with little to no financial commitment. Even the smallest startups have found extraordinary success with the right social media posts.


“It’s not all about you: use the platforms to learn about your customers.”


And it’s not all about you: use the platforms to learn about your customers. Joining Facebook groups where your target customers spend time will give you valuable insights and opportunities to engage. Rather than going for the hard sell, this is about listening to the issues that potential clients face, joining conversations, and suggesting your business as a better alternative.


Paid advertising is another option. With really small bursts of investment, you can get your advertising in front of the right people. Choose specific audiences, and adopt a trial + error mindset to see what sticks.


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2. Reward your fans


Saying ‘thank you’ has a far deeper effect that you may realise. Showing that there’s a face behind the brand makes your customers realise how important they are to your business. Keeping existing customers loyal to your business is essential to growth– and is usually a lot easier than acquiring new ones.

You can encourage clients to return by offering rewards when they do. You might try offering points, freebies, or making sure they are the first to know about events, promotions and discounts. Just don’t go overboard - it needs to be financially viable.


“Make ‘Chinese whispers’ work in your favour: loyal customers are also a great way to find prospects!”


Make ‘Chinese whispers’ work in your favour: loyal customers are also a great way to find prospects as they’re more likely to talk about how great your business is. Expand your base by offering referral bonuses to existing customers who bring new clients on board. Let them do the work for you!


3. Give back to the people

Being a business owner makes you a leader in the community. You have the opportunity to use your manpower and profits to really make a difference. The upside isn’t just good karma: customers are most loyal to brands that they trust. If your business is seen giving back to the community, people will tend to frequent your business above others as they know their money is going to a good place.

So, as early as you can, make a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Not only do CSR efforts improve your image, but they’ll also raise your profile in the community. Your company name will be visible to new customers who’ll immediately see you in a reputable light.


4. Be sugary sweet to your customers

We get it. Days are long in small business, and sometimes customers can really test your limits. But it’s an unwritten law that the customer is always right! Word of mouth can make or break a business, so it’s important that people are talking about you for the right reasons. This means going the extra mile to help your customers.

“If anything does happen, jump on it immediately and don’t just wish it away.”


In a day and age of online reviews and social media, your small business can tank in a matter of hours, and take months to rehabilitate. If anything does happen, jump on it immediately and don’t just wish it away. Address any problems straight away and explore ways to make interacting with your business as easy as possible. This might involve making your contact details more prominent or committing to cut your response times.


5. Let an accounts program do the hard work


By spending less time on administrative tasks, you’ll be able to commit more time to your customers. Tailored solutions like Ezidebit can help you cut the time you spend catching up with your accounts. You’ll be able to automate regular transactions and invoicing – and improve your cash flow. Meanwhile, simple set-up and local support are designed to make the transition as smooth as possible.


No one said owning a small business is easy. But knowing that you have full control over watching it grow and flourish is going to be the greatest reward. Set yourself small goals, and work at them every day. Who knows where you will end up in a year from now?

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