time management tips

Time management tips to stay ahead of the NQF

If you’re a childcare centre owner or manager (which we’re guessing you are, if you’re reading this!) you’re probably already an expert on the National Quality Framework (NQF), right? You …

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automated payments

How automated payments can improve your competitive advantage

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you will be well on your way to developing some strategies to improve the way you do business so that you …

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Top three recommendations to extracting the most value out of your Ezidebit automated payments software

If you followed our project management tips to facilitate successful implementation of your new automated payments system, you should now be up and running with using Ezidebit automated payments within your …

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reduce cash

How to reduce cash administration and bad debts to improve cash flow

If you’re a regular reader of our blog you’re probably already highly motivated to incorporate good cash flow habits into your own daily work priorities. But, if you’re responsible for …

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PCi compliance security

Turn PCI compliance into a new competitive advantage

You already know that shifting to automated payments is your best strategy to motivating more of your customers to pay on time. And, if you’re currently in the process of …

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Reduce the cost of payment

Reduce the cost of payments administration in your business

As a business owner who is determined to run a successful enterprise in a post-GFC business environment, you’re probably already looking for ways to improve the way you do business …

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Top three questions that business owners ask about implementing automated payments software

You already know that automated payments are a strategic advantage that can drive your business to improved internal efficiencies, reduced operating costs, increased positive cash flow and ultimately increased profits. …

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increase your cash

How to increase your cash flow without increasing your fees

Operating in a credit-crunching post-GFC business environment has its challenges for small business owners. Customers are increasingly searching for the lowest-cost option and banks aren’t as ready to lend cash …

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