increase your cash

How to increase your cash flow without increasing your fees

Operating in a credit-crunching post-GFC business environment has its challenges for small business owners. Customers are increasingly searching for the lowest-cost option and banks aren’t as ready to lend cash …

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3 Must-haves in your Gym Member Software

Gym owners these days are working harder than ever before. The health and fitness industry is more competitive than ever – and we don’t mean competitive in a fun, sporty …

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Social media and charity fundraising go hand in hand

It wasn’t that long ago that social media was considered the whipping boy for specialists in all fields. Its rise served as a perpetual bugbear for such commentators, who saw …

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direct debit

How recurring revenue helps you plan ahead

No matter how large or small your business is, there are many reasons why planning ahead is important. Whether you need to prepare for expansion, or simply want to continue …

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is your business able to increase

Cash flow problems creating barriers to innovation

Innovation is a key business consideration. Staying ahead of competitors in your industry often requires extensive thought leadership and sector-leading product developments. Businesses that introduce innovation into their operations are more …

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convincing your customer

How to increase customer direct debit use

If you have already integrated direct debit into your business, you are most likely aware of the many benefits it offers. Beyond the reduced administration costs and increased convenience, direct …

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3 ways to grow in a challenging childcare industry

As part of this year’s federal budget, the government announced an additional $3.5 billion investment in childcare assistance over the next five years. The aim, the government says, is to provide simpler, …

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4 cash flow mistakes you might be making

No matter what industry your organisation operates in, strategic cash flow management is likely to be one of your most integral business functions. In particular, making sure your company brings in …

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