a gym

3 types of gym personalities and how to engage with them

Gyms and fitness centres can be interesting environments, capable of attracting a wide range of different characters. This is even reflected by the layouts of the machinery, creating ecosystems where …

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Get paid on time with automated payments

Direct debit: Frequently asked questions from customers

If you have recently started using a direct debit for business solution to regulate your payments, you will no doubt be eager to see the benefits. But what is a …

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is direct debit right for you

The long-term reward of direct debit donations

Utilising paperless direct debit for your charity can have many short and long-term benefits. Not only will your donors feel the advantages of the smoother, more efficient system, but your organisation …

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Ensure your business

How to forecast cash flow management problems

Cash flow is one of the most important factors to a business’s success. Too little revenue coming in or too much going out will cause any organisation struggle to stay …

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How Wikipedia sets the standard for non-profit funding

You may have heard the name Jimmy Wales. He is the founder of the fifth-most-popular website in the world: Wikipedia. The American entrepreneur established the widely-used online encyclopaedia in 2001 and since …

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Business ready

3 steps to achieve recurring revenue in any business

Does the amount of revenue coming into your company fluctuate each month? It can be difficult to plan and prepare for future expenses if you are unable to predict how …

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5 benefits of cloud-integrated direct debit

Cloud technologies have come to the fore in recent years. By moving software out of the office and hosting it from one location, there are some great benefits for a business. …

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Why ezidebit’s PCI compliance is great news for customer

At Ezidebit, we like to talk about our PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance and its benefits. It really is great and we are excited to be talking about it, and …

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