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How to attract corporate donations

How to attract corporate donations

Here's how to get more corporate sponsorship dollars behind your cause. In four easy steps, make your cause more attractive to corporate sponsorships.

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Improving your online donations

Improving your online donations

Charities and non-profits have a lot on their hands. We have five simple ways online donations can be improved without blowing the budget.

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Emerging trends

Emerging Trends for Not-for-Profits in 2016

Each year, it seems to get harder for charities and not-for-profit organisations to raise enough money to meet the growing needs of their particular cause. Whether it’s changed economic circumstances, …

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one payment intergration

Navigating the seas of change in the non-profit sector

Every generation, the non-profit sector experiences a new set of challenges. Much as businesses have come and gone according to the waves of capitalism’s ‘creative destruction’, charities that have been …

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increase your charity

How to increase your charity’s fundraising success without increasing your marketing

As financial controller for your charity organisation, you are probably constantly on the look-out for ways to increase the charitable donations that your organisation receives from the general public. In this …

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Social media and charity fundraising go hand in hand

It wasn’t that long ago that social media was considered the whipping boy for specialists in all fields. Its rise served as a perpetual bugbear for such commentators, who saw …

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aussies give more to charities

Aussies give more than ever to charity

There are millions of charities worldwide, each competing to provide funding for a massive range of causes. Cash raised by charities improves and even saves lives, which is why charity …

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is direct debit right for you

The long-term reward of direct debit donations

Utilising paperless direct debit for your charity can have many short and long-term benefits. Not only will your donors feel the advantages of the smoother, more efficient system, but your organisation …

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How Wikipedia sets the standard for non-profit funding

You may have heard the name Jimmy Wales. He is the founder of the fifth-most-popular website in the world: Wikipedia. The American entrepreneur established the widely-used online encyclopaedia in 2001 and since …

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Attracting funding

Planning for the future with direct debit

Many non-for-profit organisations (NFPs) are hoping to make the transition to becoming commercial enterprises, according to research by the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). The research found that 70 per …

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What the Ice Bucket Challenge teaches us about charity donations

The internet, and particularly social media sites, have been awash with videos of people lifting up buckets and tipping ice-cold water on their or other people's heads. It's not due …

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shutter stock

How to stop the decline of donations

Fewer Australians are donating to charity, according to Roy Morgan Research, but there a few simple ways not-for-profits can effectively manage cash flow and minimise the impact of this decline. …

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Tech adopter

Charities: How to use technology to increase donations

Fundraising managers are all too aware that it is getting harder to win over consumers and get those vital donations. Successful charities have already started streamlining their admin processes and …

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cashflow forecasting

The Power of Cash Flow

Can you really afford late payments? The outlook for the economy is uncertain. Consumer confidence is down. Rate cuts are still yet to breathe life into lending and businesses can’t …

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How to Make Your Fundraiser a Success

We look at some of the emerging trends in the charity space to seek out ideas you can take to your next fundraising meeting. Arm yourself with these ideas before your next planning meeting.

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Looking into the Crystal Ball: Cash Flow Forecasting for Not-for-profits

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