Easier donating with Direct Debit

Fixed, variable, regular, irregular, or even on-demand – however a donor wants to give to your organisation, Ezidebit has got you covered.

Our beautiful payments software allows you to collect fixed or variable donations that best suit each individual donor’s income situation. So, no matter whether a donor wants to donate to your charity weekly, fortnightly, monthly, annually – or even on demand – we can handle that for you with ease and simplicity.

With Ezidebit chasing your donations for you, your staff are more available to focus on all those good things that you’re striving to deliver to the world.

It’s a win-win-win solution.

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Discover just how easy getting paid can be with a paperless direct debit solution.

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More payment options. More donors.

Ezidebit can help you widen your net of potential donors. Our secure Direct Debit, BPAY and E-Commerce payment options provide greater convenience for donors anywhere in the world to donate by email, making your charity more appealing.

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