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Secure your charity’s fundraising future with Ezidebit.

Modern donors are tech savvy and time poor. Even donors with the best of intentions can forget to respond to that posted fundraising plea they received in the mail. Mail gets lost, life gets in the way, and your organisation is left looking for a new way to engage your database of donors.

There is a better way. Now, your charitable organisation can appeal to more donors, more often with Ezidebit.

Keep the cash flowing by offering your donors the convenience of direct debit, BPAY and E-Commerce payment collection solutions.

Get paid on time with automated payments

Cut Admin Time with Ezidebit Recurring Payments

Saving time for charities

Time is money. A minute saved can literally be a dollar earned. And dollars can be a great facilitator for the good things that you are striving to deliver to the world.

Ezidebit can help you save time and decrease the cost of doing business by reducing the amount of time your staff spend contacting donors, processing donations and reconciling statements.

Our beautiful payments software can automatically process incoming donations by direct debit, BPAY and E-Commerce. No paper invoicing, no tracking down donors who have moved house and no manual reconciliation processes.

Just a reliable and consistent incoming stream of donations for your organisation.

Automatically collect repeat donations

Accurately forecast your incoming donations. Plan for the future with greater confidence.  Turn your repeat donors into an automated recurring revenue stream with Ezidebit.

With Ezidebit’s automated payments solution, you can set your incoming charitable donations on autopilot and get back to focusing on building meaningful relationships with your donors – not managing transactions.

Our research tells us that up to 47 per cent of money donated to charities is spent on internal administration and marketing. Now, you can cut the time your team spends on administrating donations and put the pennies you save into delivering your programs.

Automatically collect payments
PCI DSS Level 1 Compliance

Level 1 PCI DSS Compliance

Your organisation is subject to the finance industry’s Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) or PCI standards every time a customer’s debit or credit card information is handled by you – regardless of the number of transactions processed. For many organisations, constantly monitoring and maintaining PCI compliance is extremely challenging. Managing PCI compliance internally can also be costly, as it ties up staff resources and exposes your organisation to the risks and penalties of non-compliance.

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