Be paid on time

You’ll get paid on time – every time – when you have Ezidebit doing the legwork for you.
Our payments software makes it easy for you to automatically collect parent payments on a schedule that suits your business and your families. With Ezidebit, your childcare fees are automatically transferred from each parents’ bank account to yours on the day that it’s due – without you lifting a finger.
Ezidebit can even help you to improve relationships with your parent community by removing those awkward payment conversations.
Your childcare business has everything to gain from partnering with Ezidebit.

Saves you time

The time you save with Ezidebit collecting your payments for you is your secret strategy to reducing administration costs and increasing profit margins in your childcare centre. Plus, you have the ability to automate even more tasks and save even more time by integrating Ezidebit with your existing business management software.

With Ezidebit automatically collecting your parent payments on the day they are due, you’ll never need to print off a paper invoice or make an awkward phone call to a late paying parent again. Now, you can save time and get back to taking care of the most important people in your business – the children.

Boost your cash flow

Cash is the lifeblood of your childcare business. And now, you can gain access to more cash faster – with Ezidebit.

Ezidebit delivers your childcare fees to you faster by automatically transferring funds from parents’ accounts into yours on the day that they’re due. Faster access to your cash means you have more cash on hand on any day that you operate – and this is the secret to really boosting your cash flow and getting the edge over your competitors.

Ezidebit delivers a fail-safe way for you to receive parent payments on the day that they’re due and practically eliminate your inbound cash flow problems overnight.

Integrates easily with existing software

Integrating your Ezidebit solution with your existing business management software (such as QikKids) will deliver even more value to your bottom line. Integrated systems result in less manual work and fewer duplicated tasks for your administration staff – which in turn decreases your administration costs. The result: better bottom line profitability for your childcare centre.

Now, with Ezidebit integrated into your business management software, you can manage parent payments seamlessly, improve business efficiencies and increase your profits.

One of our friendly team members will guide you through the integration process.

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