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Ezidebit’s range of payment solutions can help your business maximise profitability and open up a whole world of new business opportunities.

By simplifying your payment options through Ezidebit, you’ll make it much easier for your current and new customers to do business with you.

It can be as simple as setting up regular payment plans that break larger amounts into smaller, more manageable payments for your customers. And because they’re not digging deep for one big amount they may even buy more of your products when they purchase.

Ezidebit can also help you find new customers who want more convenient and easier ways to pay. With Ezidebit you can quickly be set up to accept online payments via Direct Debit, Credit Card or BPAY. Our paperless Direct Debit setup process means you can be accepting payments in no time at all.

Apart from making your business more attractive to more customers, this greater billing agility also gives your business a huge competitive advantage over your rivals and the opportunity to dominate your market.

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