Document Certification

How to get your documents certified

As part of your application process for an Ezidebit payment facility, Ezidebit are required to verify the identity of all officers of your company. This can be completed through utilising our electronic ID verification services, or through the provision of certified copies of Identification and Proof of Residential Address.


What needs to be included in the certification?

In order for documents to meet certification requirements, the document must be certified as a true copy of the original by an appropriate person. Each certified document copy must be certified separately, and must clearly show:


The words “certified true copy of the original”

The date of the certification

The signature of the certifying officer, and

The name, provider/registration number (if applicable) and profession of the certifying officer, legibly printed below the signature

Who can certify my documents?


- Justice of the Peace

- Commissioner for Declarations

A person who is enrolled on the roll of the Supreme Court of a State or Territory, or the High Court of Australia, as a legal practitioner (however described)

Judge of a court


Chief executive officer of a Commonwealth court 

Registrar or deputy registrar of a court

A notary public 

Police officer 

An agent of the Australian Postal Corporation who is in charge of an office supplying postal services to the public

Permanent employee of the Australian Postal Corporation with 2 or more years of continuous service who is employed in an office supplying postal services to the public 

Australian consular officer or an Australian diplomatic officer 

An officer with 2 or more continuous years of service with one or more financial institutions 

A finance company officer with 2 or more continuous years of service with one or more finance companies 

An officer with, or authorised representative of, a holder of an Australian financial services licence, having 2 or more continuous years of service with one or more licensees

A member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, CPA Australia or the National Institute of Accountants with 2 or more years of continuous membership

A person who, under a law in force in a State or Territory, is currently licenced or registered to practise in one of the following occupations:

  - Architect



  Financial Adviser or Financial Planner

  Legal Practitioner

  Medical Practitioner



  Occupational Therapist


  Patent Attorney




  Trademark Attorney

  Veterinary Surgeon

Who can’t certify my documents?


Your spouse or partner

Related to you or living at the same address as you

A person involved in the transaction or business requiring this certification. (For example, if you visit your solicitor to set up a trust or register a mortgage you cannot use that same solicitor to certify your ID & proof of address documents. Another solicitor at the firm could be used as your trusted referee)


Proof of Identification

Certified copy of one of the following:


Valid Australian Passport;

Valid Australian Driver’s Licence;

Valid Overseas Passport;

Proof of Residential Address

Certified copy of one of the following:


Utility accounts relating to your residential address (Electricity, Gas, Telephone or Water) paid within the last 3 months

Current council rates notice 

Contract of purchase, current lease or rental document for relevant premises, (a receipt only is not acceptable) 

Current vehicle registration certificate 

Driver's licence or vehicle registration renewal notice for the coming period. (If drivers licence is used for ID, it cannot then be used for address verification)

Current Land Tax valuation notice 

Australian Taxation Office assessment (last or current financial year)