Accountants cash flow playbook

A guide to help you amplify your cash flow message to your accounting clients.

Cash flow playbook

Discover how to improve your cash flow and your business with consistent payments.

NQF playbook

How the NQF has impacted Childcare centres.

New to Direct Debit playbook

Discover how to get Cash Flow front and centre in your business.

PCI Compliance whitepaper

How to ensure customer cardholder data is handled with care; guide to choosing a safe payment process for you business

Make Your Courses More Affordable 480x220

RTO playbook

Improve your RTO’s cash flow, business health and student retention numbers by offering students a simple, hassle-free payment solution.

Recurring revenue playbook

Increase your cash flow and your profitability by setting up recurring revenue.

Software providers for gyms

We take a close look at nine of Australia’s best software providers for gyms, and highlight each of their attributes.

Your guide to increasing donations

A growing number of savvy charities have been embracing the advantages offered by direct debit and online payment models. They are leveraging the benefits of these models to better fulfill their causes.


Maximising your revenue a field guide

How do you decide the price tag you put on your products – or how much you charge for your services? This is the single, most important decision for businesses today.

Charity Innovation Key Survival

Innovation: The key to survival in the NFP sector

With competition for the charity dollar fiercer than ever, and new mobile and digital technologies changing the way people donate, experts say NFPs must innovate or risk an uncertain future.

Hampton swim school case study

Changing the face of relationships with the right technology

Relationships are at the heart of everything at Hampton Swim School and TumbleTastics. We met with the Director, Julia Ham who says nothing is more important than nurturing relationships and seeing their students grow and progress in their programs and in life.

case study Inside fitness

Inside Fitness - at the top of its game

Kevin Chevell has been running Inside Fitness for more than 30 years. We sat down with him to discover his top tips for business success.

Managing a successful early years centre

Managing a successful early years centre

Centre director Sue Zacharis explains how she keeps her early years centre financially viable and frees up time to build meaningful relationships with staff, children, families and the local community.

RFBAQ Case Study

Rural Fire Brigade of Queensland streamlines their donation process

Ezidebit was found to offer a more modern way to start collecting donations that provided real time credit card processing as well as automated recurring donations.

Shoebox Case Study

Powering business scalability

“Without Ezidebit, and without the flexibility and control their direct debit solution gave us, we wouldn’t have been able to scale our franchise business.” Find out how Shoebox Bookkeeping did it.

The Charities Playbook

The Charities Playbook

A growing number of savvy charities have been embracing the advantages offered by direct debit and online payment models. They are leveraging the benefits of these models to better fulfill their causes.

The Guide To Emerging Technology And Payments

The Guide to Emerging Technology and Payments

There are waves of emerging technology – some of this will come under the umbrella of ‘FinTech’ – generating new change and opportunity. Are you ready and can your organisation adapt?

eBook Laws of Attraction

Your guide to ensuring successful customer retention for your business

Customers are increasingly becoming more selective about where and with which business they spend their money. Therefore, understanding who your customers are is vital in order to ensure customer satisfaction and retention.

Delivering excellence in early learning and care

Delivering excellence in early learning and care

In 2015, Ezidebit customer Torquay Kids Early Learning Centre was recognised by ACECQA as one of Australia’s leading early learning and care services. We sat down with director Kathy Hogan to learn how the centre delivers excellence.


Fitness payer Utilisation

How Hampton Swim School Realised the Full Benefits of Automated Payments