Ezidebit is at the forefront of delivering hybrid cloud payments platform and services for the enterprise through our Cloud + Services suite.
Cloud payments
The payments engine powering the Ezidebit enterprise infrastructure is built on a robust Oracle technology stack and secured to meet the highest possible data security standards, the PCI DSS Level 1. Our standardised platform is optimised for high performance, high availability and easy maintainability and is adaptive enough to scale with your enterprise.

Using our platform, enterprises can orient towards creating truly frictionless Omni-channel eCommerce experiences. Such is the extensibility, interoperability and multi-level security guaranteed by our platform.
Our enterprise cloud infrastructure is backed by world-class support that covers everything from operational support and transactional reporting to integration and client support services. Our support teams make sure we are there every step of the way – right from application deployment, integration to on-going support.

Our responsive support and services teams harness our extensive technological expertise, deep regulatory knowhow and service excellence across the payments landscape to ensure enterprises unlock value and growth opportunities faster.
20,000+ happy businesses
We help grow over 20,000 businesses every day with our cloud payments solution,
our customer support, and our innovative new products.

PCI DSS Level 1 Compliance

PCI DSS Level 1 compliance is the highest payment security accreditation world-wide.

Ezidebit was the first non-bank payment service provider in Australia and New Zealand to hold this accreditation ensuring your customers’ personal banking information is being handled with the highest level of payment security.

Enterprise-wide Benefits

Ezidebit Enterprise lets enterprises take advantage of our sophisticated cloud payments platform and services to extend the enterprise brand experience to include the entire payments lifecycle, securely and seamlessly.

Improved business processes

By providing multi-channel recurring payment capabilities, along with automated reconciliations, business processes are improved through greater control and transparency of the transaction lifecycle.


Ezidebit provides scalable payment services to support your growth through automated recurring payments.

Reduced administrative burden

Through payment automation and auto-reconciliation, time-saving benefits are realised – manual payment processing is therefore eliminated.

Access to financial technology expertise

With over 150 employees specialising in the management and development of payment technologies, our specialist functions include project management, integration services, product and development, infrastructure, compliance and risk.

Improving financial management

The Ezidebit payment platform helps organisations plan and forecast accurately.

With 96% of all Ezidebit direct debit payments collected on time and reconciled automatically, enterprises save considerable time while improving cash flows.

Enabling customer insights

The shift from data accumulation to data insights is driving competitive advantage.

With an Ezidebit payments integration, your business can gain access to granular transaction metadata for further interrogation.

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