Be paid on time

The faster you can bring cash into your business, the better.

With Ezidebit direct debit, you can ‘set and forget’ how all of those regular membership fees hit your account. And our ‘any day settling’ feature means cash flows into your bank account on just about any day that you operate. Your membership fees are automatically transferred from your customers’ bank account to yours according to a schedule that’s set by you – whether that’s weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even on demand.

Great for your cash flow. Great for your blood pressure, too.

Top Tips For Success

Kevin Chevell’s top tips for business success after 30 years in the fitness industry.

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Run your cash flow on autopilot

Save Time

Health and fitness is very competitive business. Now, you can work smarter – not harder – with Ezidebit.

With Ezidebit payments software collecting your payments for you, you can get your cash flow running on autopilot, reduce the amount of manual administration time that you and your staff spend managing payments and increase your profitability all at the same time.

With Ezidebit doing the legwork for you, you can increase your profit margins without needing to increase your membership fees.

Your customers will become more loyal. Your competition will be wondering how you do it.

Get Your Cash Pumping

As a fitness entrepreneur, your challenge is to keep your customers buying from you long after their January health resolutions fade until December rolls around again.

Our range of technology-enabled payment options gives your customers one great reason to choose you over your competition all year long: convenience.

Your customers want convenient payment options that take their personal preferences into account. With Ezidebit, you and your customers have a suite of convenient payment options at your fingertips including direct debit, BPAY and E-Commerce shopping.

Now, you can keep your customers buying from you all year long and get your cash pumping with Ezidebit.

Convenient payment options

Boost your business bottomline

Seamless Integration

Get even more value out of your Ezidebit software by integrating and automating.

Your customised Ezidebit solution can seamlessly integrate with your existing business management software. See all of your customer information, and collect payments, all from within the one screen.

Get your administration staff multi-tasking like pros. Cut down on double handling of tasks. Save time, save money – and boost your bottom line.

With Ezidebit payment software integration, your staff will never need to waste time jumping between screens while your customers wait in the queue to be served.

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