Ezidebit notifies you immediately of any failed payments. We’ll also notify the customer of the failed payment by SMS advising them to contact your business to arrange for a followup payment. Ezidebit can also SMS the customer when their credit card is about to expire.

Yes, each customer is treated individually which means you can tailor your customers’ payments to best suit their situation. Payments can commence on any working day and at any frequency.

Yes, the contract of payment is between you and your customer so if a change is required our system provides you with the flexibility to do so. Most changes can be performed online, but some changes may require a new direct debit form to be completed.

Your customers need to contact your business if they wish to cancel their payment schedule. You can action the cancellation immediately through Ezidebit Online. You can also send us the cancellation request via fax, email or phone.

Ezidebit provides only cleared payments to your business. Ezidebit’s back office systems manage all dishonours and technical returns before outputting to your business.

You can choose either daily or weekly deposits and nominate the day of the week to have the deposit made.

Direct debits can start the next day if we receive the direct debit form at Ezidebit by 4pm QEST. All direct debit requests loaded via your management software are automatically loaded into our system the same day.

Direct debit helps improve cash flow, save time, and gives you the opportunity to focus on your core business. It gives you control over when and how often you are paid, and removes the need to continually chase customer payments. Customers like direct debit too, as it offers them the ability to set and forget their payment of bills, removing the worry that bills might not be paid.

Direct debit allows your business to automatically collect money from your customers’ credit card and bank accounts. Your customer signs an authority that allows you to have direct control over payment for your services. You choose the timing, amount, and frequency of when you are paid.

Yes, Ezidebit can automatically send a polite reminder SMS the day before the payment is due.

Yes. Ezidebit Online gives you 24/7 control over your account, allowing you to add, edit and remove information whenever you need to. Ezidebit Online updates all changes in real time. Use it to change customer payment details, add and remove payments, cancel or suspend payments, upload payment files, download comprehensive management reports and view customer payment histories. Ezidebit Online is provided to you at no additional expense.

Yes. Customer payment histories can be printed or emailed from the website. Ezidebit Online also displays any changes that have taken place to each customer’s record.

Yes, our direct debit payment gateway can seamlessly integrate with your management software, allowing your business to set up customer direct debits, amend customer details and automatically update your customer payment records.

Ezidebit was established in 1998 as Australia’s first specialised automated direct debit and credit card transactions service.

All customer payments are deposited into a Trust Account before being transferred directly into your bank account, so you know your income is protected. As an Australian Financial Services Licensee, we are required to have our company independently audited and reviewed every year.

Yes. We were the first direct debit provider licensed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) as an Australian Financial Services Licensee (AFSL No. 315388).

Ezidebit is a Direct Debit User and complies with the Direct Debit User requirements as provided by our sponsoring financial institution. These requirements are based on the Australian Payments Clearing Association Limited (APCA) Bulk Electronic Clearing System Procedures.

Ezidebit offers a broad range of payment options, including direct debit, phone payment, web payment, and BPAY.

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