run your business with ezidebit
Run your business on Ezidebit
We help hundreds of business owners every day with our cloud payments solution,
customer support, and innovative new products.
get paid on time
Get paid on time
Greater certainty over your cash flow is something every small business needs. With our customisable suite of online payment products, you can get paid on time. Just set up and forget.
save time
Save Time
Using Ezidebit helps your business create a streamlined automated payment collection process, saving you time on administration, reconciliations and chasing late payments.
improve your cash flow
Improve your cash flow
Small businesses live and die on their cash flow. With Ezidebit, you can improve cash flow by creating a constant and recurring income stream of automated payments, so you can fund your growth plans.
payment seamless integration
Seamless Integration
Integrating an Ezidebit payment solution with your existing business software can be done quickly and seamlessly. View all of your customer information and collect payments in the software you already know.
the affordable solution
The Affordable Solution
Ezidebit can make your products and services more affordable, by simply breaking down the costs into smaller, more manageable amounts for your customers.
fund your future
Fund your future
Automated payments are your best strategy to free up valuable time so you can spend time on the more important things – like planning the future growth of your business.
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