Powerful Payment Partnerships
Through Leading Payments Technology

We specialise in first class payments technology, designed to retain and grow your customers, add value to your software solution and gain a competitive advantage.
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Prosperous Partnership Solutions

When you partner with us, we work with you on developing an integrated, omni-channel, value-adding payments solution that suits your business needs. 

With access to our global networks and local team of experts, our focus is ultimately on creating a program of works that will help support a long-term, prosperous partnership.

Competitive Advantage

By gaining access to our payments technology, we create solutions that gives your software a competitive advantage.

Customer Retention & Growth

By offering your customers more value, you’ll both retain current customers and further grow your customers and business.

Increased Value of your Software

Adding payment technology and features to your Software solution increases the value of your offering, enabling you to expand and grow with ease.

Leaders in World-Class Payment Technology and Infrastructure

Global Payments AU/NZ, comprising of Ezidebit and eWAY, offers a complete omni-channel payment ecosystem comprising of the latest acceptance, security and payment technology.

By leveraging the product and technology sophistication, vertical diversity and extensive service capabilities, we are able to offer a tailored mix of payment solutions aligned to the needs and capabilities of vendors.
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Sophisticated Integrations, Merchant Growth and Data Intelligence

Competitive Advantage

Our Partnership team works with vendors to scope, manage, test and certify the most optimal integration process. From apps to billing and omni-channel payments for your merchants - we can find the right solution.

Market Enablement Support

With a local team of over 230 employees specialising in the management, development and marketing of innovative and robust payment technologies, our partners are able to take advantage of this local expertise.

Merchant Adoption and Growth

In addition to providing ongoing cross-functional support, our partners benefit from our 20+ years of payments expertise. With that comes a deep understanding of how vendors can improve the customer experience, and drive merchant adoption, customer utilisation and growth.

Business Intelligence

We understand the importance of combining valuable payment data and key business intelligence in ensuring you and your customers are able to make superior and informed decisions. So, that’s what we provide - real-time business intelligence and customer payment information designed to grow your business.

Omni-Channel Payments Ecosystem

We bring together the latest in omni-channel payments delivered through the richest set of merchant service API’s and toolkits available in Australia. 

From online rapid acceptance channels with neural network fraud detection, through to complex multi-merchant, multi-site recurring payments and POS, we can help you provide a frictionless, best in class payment experience for you, your clients and their customers.

Real Time

Your merchants can accept credit & debit card payments, as well as transparent redirect.

Direct Debit & BPAY

Flexible collection of fixed or variable amounts from authorised cards or accounts, or BPAY.


We facilitate payments through self-service unassisted IVR, call centre, virtual terminals.

Fraud Prevention

Our advanced fraud prevention tool, Beagle, allows merchants to tailor their protection.