thankQ Solutions has been working with Ezidebit since 2015 to provide complete payment solutions by direct debit and credit card to our customers.

thankQ Solutions is dedicated to providing data management software to support organisations within the Not-For-Profit (NFP) sector. Since 1992 when the company was founded in the UK, we have delivered a range of solutions, from consultancy in the early days to the provision today of both bespoke and standard software solutions built on the thankQ system, accompanied by all the necessary training, service and support.

Following the formation of thankQ Solutions Pty Ltd (formerly ESIT Pty Ltd) in Sydney in 2003, our goal was to form a team locally in Australia, to provide effective solutions with Information Technology. In the years that we have been operating we are pleased that we have active clients who started with us in 2003 using the same thankQ CRM software solution which has grown with their business. thankQ’s flexibility and power is key to enabling this. We have clients with single user systems with a few thousand contacts, to multi-site systems with several million contacts.



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