Founded in 2010 from the frustrations of the old, outdated systems of prior childcare centres, Xplor caught the attention of not only the education community, but the world at large who had become disenchanted by the childcare industry and lack of support to families.

Xplor provides a new and innovative approach to childcare management platforms. By automating administration, it enables teachers, educators and parents to focus on a child’s learning. The software tool enables a unique experience; see in real time a child’s early learning via a live feed of photos, videos, and activities.


Get the power and flexibility to manage your services; Xplor gives you automated free CCS, digital attendance, rostering and billing.


Programming and planning, observations and accurate medical documentation. Xplor sets a new standard, making documentation better than before.


Xplor helps children get the best start in life by personalising their learning. Send real-time updates, photos and videos throughout the day.

Provide your clients with the benefit of an Ezidebit and Xplor payments partnership.

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