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Why Australia's top companies choose Ezidebit

Ezidebit is Australia’s leading provider of outsourced payment solutions. We help thousands of Australian businesses to automatically process payments by Direct Debit, BPAY and eCommerce – no paper invoicing, no chasing late payers and improved cash flow for your financial services firm to business.

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all in one payment platform
The simple, secure, all-in-one payment solution
Ezidebit is one of the simplest ways to save time, improve your cash flow and attract new business. Our easy-to-use Direct Debit, BPAY and eCommerce solutions take care of collecting payments for you, so you can focus on growing your business.
gross settlements
Gross settlements per annum
transactions per annual
Transactions per annum
active merchants
Active merchants
pci dss level 1
Level 1
Highest level of PCI compliance
run your business with ezidebit
Run your business on Ezidebit
We help hundreds of business owners every day with our cloud payments solution,
customer support, and innovative new products.
get paid on time
Get paid on time
If you’re wasting valuable time chasing late payers in your business, Ezidebit can help. Automating your incoming payments means you will get paid on time, every time. And getting paid on time means you don’t have to waste time chasing late payers.
save time
Save Time
As a business owner, do you ever catch yourself manually invoicing your customers, chasing late payers or spending hours on your financial reporting? There is a better way to do business – the Ezidebit way.
improve your cash flow
Improve your cash flow
Ezidebit is the secret competitive advantage of thousands of successful businesses right across the country. Every month, we help business owners improve the way cash flows through their business so they can outplay their competitors.
payment seamless integration
Seamless Integration
With Ezidebit, all of your customer information is accessible from one beautifully designed, easy to use, centralised location. Ezidebit can integrate with your existing business management software so that you and your staff can multi-task from within the one screen.
the affordable solution
The Affordable Solution
Our competitive fee structure is super affordable for small business operators. With Ezidebit, you pay only a small fee per transaction that we process for you – no administration fees, no monthly access fees, and no contracts.
fund your future
Fund your future
Automated payments are your best strategy to free up valuable time so you can spend time on the more important things – like planning the future growth of your business.
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