We understand that a number of our customers may be impacted by Coronavirus (COVID-19) and will continue to keep you updated as changes arise.

Should you require further assistance, you can contact us via email:

We are experiencing large call volumes and emails at this time, however our team members are working hard to get to your enquiries as soon as possible.

Now is the time, more than ever, where we need to stand in solidarity and support each other as we face uncertainty together. We sincerely hope that you and your family are staying safe during this challenging period.

Merchant FAQs - COVID-19 Response

Updated: 27 March 2020


Q: What approach has Ezidebit taken with it’s Health & Fitness / PTs and Why?

A: On 22 March 2020, the Australian Federal Government announced Stage 1 Restrictions on non-essential activity (which included the mandatory closure of gyms, health studios and related fitness activities) across the country (and similar restrictions were enforced in New Zealand).


Ezidebit was concerned that, by continuing to collect payments for access to health and fitness services at a time when the government had ordered a closure of those services, our clients may be at risk of breaching the New Zealand consumer law and Ezidebit may be involved in that potential breach.


Our response was to immediately address this risk for both Ezidebit and our clients by suspending direct debits and/or placing accounts on settlement hold for 3,300 of our health and fitness clients who had processed a debit on or after Monday 23 March and Tuesday 24 March, 2020.


Our number one priority when making this decision, unlike other providers, was to ensure our customers had a quick and easy way to respond and get reactivated.

Q: Is Ezidebit able to remove these restrictions?

A: These restrictions can be removed provided customers can provide evidence that they have evolved/adapted their business model to focus on virtual, online or outdoor-based sessions (in line with the government restrictions). Once the customer submits the form we have provided to them in communications, their restrictions can be removed from their account (where possible).


Q: I haven’t received an email from Ezidebit. Is my account on hold?

A: We have sent emails to customers who have been impacted by this change. This has typically been those merchants that we have processed debits for on Monday 23 March 2020 and Tuesday 24 March 2020. If you haven’t received an email, your account status has not changed.

As this situation is constantly evolving, we will send you an email if anything changes.


Q: What is the turnaround time to have these processed?

A: Due to the volume of customers, reviews may take up to 48 hours, however in some circumstances, they are being reviewed and suspensions removed in under 30 minutes and in most cases, within 4 business hours.


Q: I’ve had the suspension lifted, however I’ve seen declined payments for my members come through. Will Ezidebit retry those automatically, or will the customer need to activate those again?

A: Before sending through any members payments for processing we request that customers check Ezidebit Online to see their members pending payments. If they have had declined payments that are showing in their software, please also request them to review Ezidebit Online before resubmitting through their software


Q: Are we notifying customers once their accounts have been reactivated?

A: Yes, we are emailing our customers once their accounts have been reactivated. Due to timings of when we can send this, this may happen the next day based on current turnaround times so in some circumstances, customers will receive settlement before receiving this reactivation email.





The following FAQs relate to clients who use the Ezidebit Online portal for managing customers and payments.

If you use software that is integrated with Ezidebit, we advise that it’s best to contact your software provider for guidance on how to update your payments. If you can’t contact them, or have a question they can’t answer, please contact our Support team.


Q: Can I suspend payments or alter the amount they pay for all my customers at once?

A: Where you have payment schedules stored in Ezidebit for your members, Ezidebit Online has a bulk update feature that will enable you to change the scheduled payments for a nominated date range, or put all your members (payers) on a hold status.


1. When logged in to Ezidebit Online, select Payments -> Bulk Payment Changes.

2. Select the date range for payments that you want to change and select from the other available options if they are relevant.

3. Select the Search button. A list of member (payers) that meet your selected criteria will be displayed.

4. Click the ‘Select Payments’ button. A list of all the members (payers) that meet your criteria will be displayed and the checkbox beside each one will be ticked by default. You can untick any as necessary then click Next. There’s two options:


  • a. Change payment amount - this will allow you to increase or decrease the scheduled payment amount by a set dollar value or by a percentage, or you can change payments to a specific dollar amount;

  • b. Change contract status - this will allow you to change the status of the selected payers to Hold or Cancel


5. Once you have selected the required values, click Next. A list of members (payers) will be displayed for your confirmation.

6. Click the Confirm button. A message will display to advise how many members (payers) were updated.


Q: If I put customers on hold, will payments start again automatically after a certain date?

A: This will depend on how you put the payments on hold.

If you accessed the individual members (payer) record and selected the Suspend Payer option, you would have specified a start and end date for the suspension. After the end date, the payments will resume processing according to the payment scheduled.

If you changed the payer status to Hold, either by accessing the payer directly or by using the Bulk Payment Changes feature to put multiple payers on hold, then you need to manually reactivate each member (payer) when appropriate. When you change the member (payer) status to Active, a message will display to advise you that any payments that were due during the hold period will be removed from the schedule.


Q: Can I refund payments to my customers?

A: You can refund direct debit payments from the Ezidebit Online portal if your account has been set up to do this.


1. When logged in to Ezidebit Online, search for the required Payer, access the Payer Profile page and select the Refund option next to the relevant payment in the Payment History.

2. A popup window will display so you can enter the amount to be refunded (you can do a partial amount if needed).

3. Once you submit the refund request, it can take several days before the funds are credited to your customer’s account/card (depending on their bank). Note that a payment can only be refunded if it has already been settled to your business - a payment that is pending can’t be refunded.

If you don’t see the Refund option beside payments in the member's (payer’s) Payment History, you will need to contact our Support team to have this feature added.

To refund real time card payments, please contact our Support team via email - or phone - 08 00 478 483.


Q: I tried to process a refund but received an error saying I didn’t have funds available for the refund. How can I refund this payment?

A: To be able to process a refund, you need to have funds currently pending settlement with Ezidebit. You can wait until you have processed more payments and there are funds available. If the refund is required sooner than these funds are available in your Ezidebit account, you will need to do a direct deposit to your customer via your internet banking, or use an alternative method to return the funds to them.