FAQs - Fee Removals

Q: Which fees are Ezidebit removing?


1. Minimum monthly fee (where applicable)

2. Direct Debit Dishonour fees, including:

  • Client Dishonour fee

  • Failed Payment fee

  • Payer Dishonour fee

3. WebPay Dishonour fee - Webpay Failed Payment Fee

4. PhonePay Dishonour fee - Phonepay Failed Payment Fee

5. Direct Debit Redebit Dishonour fee - Redebit Dishonour Fee

6. Direct Debit Retry Dishonour fee - Redebit Dishonour Fee


Q: For what period are they being removed?

A: Effective for transactions from 1st May 2020 until 30th June 2020.


Q: Will Ezidebit extend the fee removal period?

A: Ezidebit will readdress this closer to the 30th June 2020 and contact our customers as appropriate.


Q: Does this apply to all Ezidebit Australia and New Zealand customers?

A: Yes


Q: Can Ezidebit’s customers or their customers receive a refund for fees paid before 1 May 2020?

A: No. We will not be able to provide refunds for fees paid before the introduction of this change. We are doing this as a gesture of goodwill to help during this period of uncertainty.


Q: Are new customers to Ezidebit (on or after 1 May 2020) eligible for the waiving of fees (and also their customers)?

A: Yes, these customers will not have fees charged during this period and if a customer of theirs dishonours, they will also not be charged.


Q: Will customers still see fees on our Client Services Agreements and our electronic DDR forms?

A: Yes, fees will still show on the CSA/eDDR forms to ensure customers are aware that these will be chargeable again in the future.

Merchant FAQs - Ezidebit Online Related

The following FAQs relate to clients who use the Ezidebit Online portal for managing customers and payments.

If you use software that is integrated with Ezidebit, we advise that it’s best to contact your software provider for guidance on how to update your payments. If you can’t contact them, or have a question they can’t answer, please contact our Support team.


Q: Can I suspend payments or alter the amount they pay for all my customers at once?

A: Where you have payment schedules stored in Ezidebit for your members, Ezidebit Online has a bulk update feature that will enable you to change the scheduled payments for a nominated date range, or put all your members (payers) on a hold status.


1. When logged in to Ezidebit Online, select Payments -> Bulk Payment Changes.

2. Select the date range for payments that you want to change and select from the other available options if they are relevant.

3. Select the Search button. A list of member (payers) that meet your selected criteria will be displayed.

4. Click the ‘Select Payments’ button. A list of all the members (payers) that meet your criteria will be displayed and the checkbox beside each one will be ticked by default. You can untick any as necessary then click Next. There’s two options:


  • a. Change payment amount - this will allow you to increase or decrease the scheduled payment amount by a set dollar value or by a percentage, or you can change payments to a specific dollar amount;

  • b. Change contract status - this will allow you to change the status of the selected payers to Hold or Cancel


5. Once you have selected the required values, click Next. A list of members (payers) will be displayed for your confirmation.

6. Click the Confirm button. A message will display to advise how many members (payers) were updated.


Q: If I put customers on hold, will payments start again automatically after a certain date?

A: This will depend on how you put the payments on hold.

If you accessed the individual members (payer) record and selected the Suspend Payer option, you would have specified a start and end date for the suspension. After the end date, the payments will resume processing according to the payment scheduled.

If you changed the payer status to Hold, either by accessing the payer directly or by using the Bulk Payment Changes feature to put multiple payers on hold, then you need to manually reactivate each member (payer) when appropriate. When you change the member (payer) status to Active, a message will display to advise you that any payments that were due during the hold period will be removed from the schedule.


Q: Can I refund payments to my customers?

A: You can refund direct debit payments from the Ezidebit Online portal if your account has been set up to do this.


1. When logged in to Ezidebit Online, search for the required Payer, access the Payer Profile page and select the Refund option next to the relevant payment in the Payment History.

2. A popup window will display so you can enter the amount to be refunded (you can do a partial amount if needed).

3. Once you submit the refund request, it can take several days before the funds are credited to your customer’s account/card (depending on their bank). Note that a payment can only be refunded if it has already been settled to your business - a payment that is pending can’t be refunded.

If you don’t see the Refund option beside payments in the member's (payer’s) Payment History, you will need to contact our Support team to have this feature added.

To refund real time card payments, please contact our Support team via email - or phone - 08 00 478 483.


Q: I tried to process a refund but received an error saying I didn’t have funds available for the refund. How can I refund this payment?

A: To be able to process a refund, you need to have funds currently pending settlement with Ezidebit. You can wait until you have processed more payments and there are funds available. If the refund is required sooner than these funds are available in your Ezidebit account, you will need to do a direct deposit to your customer via your internet banking, or use an alternative method to return the funds to them.