Direct Debit

The only set-and-forget payment system you’ll need.

Say goodbye
to missed payments

Direct Debit is one of the easiest and safest ways to allow your customers to pay their bills. As a business owner, you’ll find increased cash flow as your larger invoices are split into bite sized payments, with more regular income for your services. For your customers, managing regular and recurring bills becomes easier as they have personalised payment schedules that work for both them and your business.

Why choose Direct Debit?

Take control of your payments.

Setting up recurring billing gives you control of payment type, amount and frequency.

custom pricing
Decide if you want to pass on or absorb the fees, then create custom payment plans for your customers.
online portal
With detailed client and payment reporting, keeping track of your payments has never been easier.
We’ll work with you, seamlessly pairing with industry-specific partners to boost automated reconciliation and reduce manual admin.
payment options
No account? No problem. Ezidebit gives you the ability to process direct debits against credit and debit cards, too.

How it works

Studio Pilates setting up recurring payments with Direct Debit

Direct Debit allows your business to automatically collect money from your customers' credit or debit cards, and bank accounts. Your customer signs an authority that allows you to have direct control over payment for your services. You choose the timing, amount and frequency of when you are paid.

Studio Pilates setting up recurring payments with Direct Debit