Real Time Payments

Process card payments, instantly.

Business moves quickly,
so do real time payments

Round out your Ezidebit payment suite with a must-have method: real time payments. The perfect solution for missed, catch up, or on-the-spot payments. Offer your customers the flexibility and process either over the phone, in person or online. The central reporting system means you won’t be scrambling to match up receipts - all real time payments will be consolidated instantly.

Why choose real time payments?

With an instant payment response, you know straight away if the payment has been successful or not.
Payments and payment information are handled and processed securely within Ezidebit's level 1 PCI-DSS compliant system. 
And no additional cost to have the virtual terminal available within your product suite.
payment options
You can take payments either via your website using a secure payment page, in person or over the phone, or send your customers a customisable payment link.
software integrations
Start accepting real time payments through your existing software or customer management system, including reporting and account reconciliation.
Process credit card payments instantly
Real time payments can be processed online, over the phone, or in person. You can also access your own ‘virtual terminal’ - a secure system that can take card payments in seconds - via EziOnline. Our real time system is perfect to process one-off or catch up payments.
Process credit card payments instantly