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Unlike most industries, the nonprofit and social enterprise space relied on the support of a predominantly volunteer workforce with an intensive workload of income-generating activities. Alternatively, social enterprises use the commercial format of selling of goods and services to ultimately benefit their chosen social purpose.

We are here to help make the payments process easier. Our Ezidebit system is designed to simplify payment processing, giving back the time you need to expand your range of donors or focus on raising awareness of your social cause. With a range of safe and convenient options, you can offer more ways to pay with Direct Debit and Real Time payments.

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Accept donations with Ezidebit's payment solutions

In the charitable sector, there are many ways to get paid: recurring donations, fundraising, crowdfunding, membership fees, selling of goods and services, and more. Using our mix-and-match payments, you can open the door to new donors and revenue streams straight away. Our 'auto-collect' donation systems keep the cash flowing, and enables set-and-forget donor arrangements. With many customers becoming fatigued with a surplus of donation requests, you can break through the noise with Ezidebit's flexible but secure payment solutions.

Accept donations with Ezidebit's payment solutions

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Our solutions are designed to scale with you as your business grows.


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Contact our team for payment troubleshooting, or access our online library of content for business and technology advice.


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Our reputation is thanks to over 20 years in the payments industry.

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Mix and match

You can combine any of our four payment solutions to suit your needs.


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The highest level of security, so you and your customers' data is always safe.


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Integrate with our easy-to-use Ezidebit system for consolidated reporting.

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Over 27,000 Australian and New Zealand businesses choose Ezidebit as their preferred payment solution. Completely scalable, we have designed a complete payment processing suite that meets your needs, no matter what stage of the business journey you’re at.

Proud Supporters: Our Nonprofit Journey

Accept multiple payment methods for your Nonprofit business

Here at Ezidebit, we have a special relationship with our charitable clients, proudly sharing their passion for helping others.

Ezidebit has a number of ongoing projects with some of Australia's most exciting organisations, including:

Whether it’s wearing a daggy jumper to work to help youth homelessness, or dedicating a ‘Day Of Service’ twice a year, the Ezidebit staff have made generosity part of our brand culture. In fact, we were included in the Good Company’s ‘Top 30 Places To Work’ list for 2019, a much-appreciated nod to our ongoing hard work.

We know that giving back can have a significant and ongoing effect on our local communities. That's why we are so excited to use our products and services to grow your charitable organisation, today and into the future.

Accept multiple payment methods for your Nonprofit business

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