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From little things, big things grow. Whether you operate under a traditional charitable organisation model, or use a more commercial format of selling goods and services, Ezidebit can help you grow and sustain your efforts to benefit your chosen social purpose,

Our Ezidebit system is designed to simplify payment processing, giving back the time you need to reach more donors or focus on raising awareness of your social cause. With a range of safe and convenient options, you can offer more ways to pay and cut down on precious time spent on administration tasks.

Create time to grow your business

Why nonprofits, charities and social enterprises choose Ezidebit


Grow with ease

With multiple payment methods available to you, our solutions are designed to scale with you as your organisation grows. You can generate additional revenue streams to further benefit your communities.

cash flow

Improved cash flow

With automated, recurring payments, your charity can enjoy improved cash flow and better revenue forecasting to help with planning.


General Business

Automation features for better communication

Communicate simply and easily with donors and subscribers. Our automation features allow you to send a text or email directly to their phone if a payment hasn’t gone through so they can make an immediate payment.


Enjoy total control and efficiency

Ezidebit’s automated payments, cloud-based reporting and single settlement of funds give you greater visibility and control, while reducing unnecessary administration and manual work.


Top security

Ezidebit’s payment solutions are protected by the highest level of security, to keep payments safe and data secure.


Ongoing support

With 25 years in the payments business, our friendly local teams are available to ensure you get the support you need, when you need it by phone, chat or email.

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