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You look after their possessions, we look after your payments.

Almost everyone requires external self storage at some stage in their life. Often however, payment systems can be painful for a storage business to maintain, resulting in missed payments, broken contracts and cash flow issues.

With Ezidebit, you can offer a wide range of ways to pay: from on-the-spot card payments, to set-and-forget Direct Debits. Give your storers the power to choose how they pay, and watch their commitment - and your cash flow - improve out of sight.

Storage needs are universal. So why aren’t there payment options to suit everyone?

Gather all your payments in one place

Payment solutions for Storage industries

Using either Ezidebit’s standalone payments system, or via one of our storage software partners, you can start to collect all payment types in one program. You’ll save time on reconciliation tasks, have visibility of upcoming payments, and quickly identify late payments. You can also say goodbye to messy, unsafe cash management, and hello to a streamlined, PCI-approved central payments system.

Payment solutions for Storage industries

Why choose Ezidebit?


Top security

The highest level of security, so you and your customers' data is always safe.

mix and match

Mix and match

You can combine any of our four solutions to suit your needs.


Grow with ease

Our solutions are designed to scale with you as your business grows.


Simple solution

Integrate with our easy-to-use Ezidebit system for consolidated reporting.


Known and trusted

Our reputation is thanks to over 20 years in the payments industry.


Ongoing support

Contact our team for payment troubleshooting, or access our online library of content for business and technology advice.

You’re in great company.

Over 27,000 Australian and New Zealand businesses choose Ezidebit as their preferred payment solution. Completely scalable, we have designed a complete payment processing suite that meets your needs, no matter what stage of the business journey you’re at.

Our Storage partner



Storman is a self storage management software company servicing Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. With 30+ years of industry experience, Storman is designed to help self storage facilities grow.


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