Communicate with your members the smart way through software integration

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If you’re looking for expert tips to get your fitness business performing at its fullest potential, you’ve come to the right place. Our blog is full of practical tips to help gym owners like you to outplay and outlast your competition – and increase your profits while you’re at it (which is always a great thing!).

You probably already know that the key to getting the edge over your competition comes down to how smart you’re working – rather than how hard you’re working. But did you know that, if you’re serious about standing out from your competition and earning your members’ loyalty in the long-term, what you need to get really smart about is the way you communicate with your members. In this article, our experts reveal why software integration is your number one strategy to building a reliable members’ database that you can use to provide outstanding customer service, sell more of your products and services and ultimately grow your fitness business to be the best that it can be.

Get accurate and reliable membership data in one place

The gym member management software you choose to use in your gym has enormous power over how you can capture and use all of your membership data to your fullest benefit. In our article about the ‘Top three must-haves of gym member management software’ we introduced the concept of using your gym management software to send automatic SMS and email communications to your members. This is a great idea in theory – but it will be very tricky (almost impossible!) to send relevant communications to your members if you’re currently using multiple pieces of software to look after all the different bits of information about your members. How can you possibly know what email to send to which member when you have to jump between multiple screens to get their birthdays from one system, their workout preferences from another system, their payments records from yet another system and so on? The answer is to integrate all of your various bits of software into one all-in-one gym member management system that can pull all those pieces of information together into the one place for you – thereby saving you the hassle of maintaining multiple customer databases, reducing potential administration errors and stopping data duplication problems. The result is accurate and reliable information on all of your members, all in one place.

Achieve one source of truth with no conflicting data

All of our recommended all-in-one gym management systems offer plug-ins to seamlessly integrate with other pieces of software. Put simply, this means that if you’re using one of our recommended all-in-one gym management systems, you’re much more likely to be able to achieve full visibility and full control over your members from within one screen – and that means one source of truth with no conflicting data.

Send relevant and timely communications to boost members’ loyalty

Once you’ve established a complete picture of your members, you’re well positioned to start setting up automatic SMS and email communications that are based on your members’ behaviours – such as automatically reminding them of a booking, thanking them for their loyalty or wishing them happy birthday.

Our five steps to building a loyal membership base

Discover the five core factors that are imperative to creating a loyal membership base.

1. Communicate in a way that your members will listen to you.

2. Provide outstanding service to your members.

3. Listen to your members more effectively.

4. Use membership data to your advantage to beat your competition.

5. Make it easy for your customers to do business with you.