Gym member management software: top three must-haves

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Gym owners these days are working harder than ever before. The health and fitness industry is more competitive than ever – and we don’t mean competitive in a fun, sporty type of way. We mean competitive in a cut-throat business type of way. When once upon a time it was perfectly acceptable for a gym owner to sell their members a 12-month gym contract and never speak to them again (until contract renewal time, thank you very much!), gym members these days are more demanding: they don’t want to pay for 12-months up-front, they expect regular communication, they want payment options that take their personal financial situations into account and they generally expect better customer service than ever before.

How are you going to work smarter (not harder) so that your gym can stand out from your competition and earn loyalty from your members in the long-term? The answer is:by finding (and using) the right systems and software. But what is the right software? To help you out, we’ve put together the top three most critical functions for you to look for in your gym member management system.

It multi-tasks like a pro

The right gym management software will let your administration staff multi-task like pros and cut down on their double handling of tasks – this saves your staff time, which in turn saves you money.

Ideally, look for an all-in-one gym member management system that also allows you to manage and collect membership payments. The best gym management software providers out there will use plug-ins to seamlessly tie in with your other systems (like payments) so that you can multi-task from within one screen. That way, your staff won’t be jumping between screens at the front desk while your members are waiting in a queue to get into your club.

It keeps your friends close – and your members closer

Back in the good old days (before email, SMS and social media) it was perfectly acceptable for gym managers to post out a members’ newsletter every few months and say they were keeping in touch with their members. Times have changed. Now, members expect real engagement and relevant two-way communication with their gym – and again, it all comes down to the software you’re using.

The best gym member management software systems offer automated SMS and email communication that’s based on a member’s behaviour. Remind them of a booking, thank them for their loyalty, send them a birthday card and more – all without making a single phone call.

Excellent communication is the key to keeping your members close and improving your member retention. Do you have member communication embedded in everything you do?

It gives you personal training sessions

The best gym member management systems will give you and your staff personal training sessions on how to use it. Choose a provider that has reliable phone or online training and support. In exactly the same way that a personal trainer can help you to reach your fitness goals faster, learning new software is also much easier (and you’ll get better results) when you have a personal trainer there to show you the way.

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When it comes to staying ahead of your competitors, and delivering on the expectations of your members, finding (and using) the right gym member management system can mean the difference between being here today – and being gone tomorrow.