A Christmas Cleanout: 10 Payments Related Questions

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 Payments Checklist for Christmas

It’s that time of year when the festive season celebrations roll around and we start to think about summer holidays. But before you head off on wherever your Christmas break is taking you – and even if you have already left for the holidays – this is just as valid for when you come back! – Ezidebit recommends doing a quick mental stocktake of your payments environment. 

We have a simple checklist you can use. 

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Payment Checklist

Does you payment environment:

check-circle Allow you to meet all your compliance and regulatory needs in an easy fashion? For example, does your provider have PCI DSS compliance covered?

check-circle  Allow you to generate any reports that you want and need at the times that you need them?

check-circle  Allow you to provide choice to your customers in the way that they pay? For example, giving them the ability to use one of the new mobile wallets or contactless payments, or using direct debit.

check-circle  Allow you to re-mediate any issues quickly with your provider giving you great customer service?

check-circle  Let you get started with receiving payments in a quick and easy process?

check-circle  Have the backing and benefits of using a cloud-based service?

check-circle  Have open and secure APIs available so that you can integrate your payments and financial systems into other software that you use in your organisation?

check-circle  Have providers that give you great support with insights and expertise that you can leverage for your unique business? Or are you just another account holder?

check-circle  Let you focus on delivering great customer service and experiences to grow your business?

check-circle  Give you headaches or smiles?

We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year wherever you are and however you celebrate this time of year. Hopefully by the end of 2017 we’ll all be smiling at the strategic success our payments environment has given us! 

If you are looking to get the most out of your payments environment, Ezidebit offers a simple and secure way for your business to accept payments, simply call 1300 763 256.