3 big digital marketing trends to explore in 2017

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 3 big digital marketing trends to explore in 2017

It seems that if you blink these days you’ll miss the next big thing in technology. Like technology, digital marketing is changing at a rapid pace. Keeping up with all these new opportunities is the key to surviving and thriving in an ever-evolving digital world. To help small business navigate the changing digital landscape, we’ve compiled a list of three big digital trends worth exploring.


The rise of live video streaming

Live video streaming on social media is satisfying the appetite of a world hungry for as-it-happens news, events and content. Last year was a huge year for the medium, seeing the launch of Facebook Live and other new immersive technologies including 360° experiences and Virtual Reality live streaming. 

This year, new viewership records are expected to be set for live streaming. Over 10 billion videos are being watched daily on Snapchat, while an audience of more than 500 million Facebook viewers insatiably consume over 8 billion video views each day. With numbers this massive, live streaming will be a huge game changer that cannot be ignored. In fact, bandwidth specifically set aside for video watching is forecast to make up almost three quarters of total internet usage. If you’ve got content or information worth sharing, live streaming video could be your way to engage with more customers.


Immersive content experiences via Virtual & Augmented Reality

While video content is providing audiences with more timely and palatable information, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are two exciting technologies that are making digital experiences far more immersive. In 2016, Pokemon Go took audiences across the globe on an entirely new and highly addictive journey. At its fever peak, the game was earning $10 million a day in new revenue. 

While the game’s meteoric rise was matched by an equally fast decline, Pokemon Go was a watershed moment for digital marketers, proving that wider audiences have an appetite for immersive AR experiences. Other ways to deliver these experiences are through 360 videos, hosting live webinars and workshops. Whatever content experience you consider, the priority needs to be on creating a level of interaction that rewards your audience and makes them feel like they’re part of something bigger.


Shaping customer experiences with the Internet of Things

Another revolutionary technology making great strides in 2017 is the all-encompassing world known as The Internet of Things. For the uninitiated, it includes everything that can be connected, from wearable fitness bands and smart watches to driverless cars and internet connected home appliances and ecosystems. These hi-tech gadgets are not only recording and transmitting data about everyday moments in our lives, but are offering digital marketers a greater number of consumer touch points.

Growth of wearables and other connected devices is already faster than mobile phones and tablets, making it imperative for marketers to take seriously. They provide marketers with a strong foundation to engage seamlessly with consumers and to be integrated within the customer journey.

While the full potential of these big trends can’t be calculated precisely, one thing is certain – 2017 will bring many more innovations in digital marketing before the year ends.