6 Great Apps for the Business Savvy

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 Great Apps for Savvy Businesses

New apps seem to pop up by the minute but how do you know the good from the space wasters? We’ve done our research and put together this list of the best apps to help improve your productivity, get your business running smoothly and even get a little bit smarter.




This is the ultimate list making app. Not only can you create multiple lists (such as work ‘to-dos’, groceries, etc.) but you can share each list with people you choose. That way, people can check off what they’ve done, when they’ve done it!

Top features:

  • Collaborative lists that each member can see and check off
  • Sync Wunderlist across all your devices (phone, computer, tablet and smart watch)
  • Set reminders when tasks are due
  • Add explanations of tasks to notes
  • Attach a file to a task from your photo library, take a photo or upload from Dropbox




Slack makes team communication a breeze. With Slack, you can finally put an end to multiple one line emails and attachments getting lost. Slack is one platform your whole team can join, and have individual or group conversations, as well as share files. It lets you integrate hundreds of other apps such as Skype, Dropbox, Google Drive and Twitter so everything you need is in one place.

Top features:

  • Real-time messaging and file sharing for your team
  • Syncs across all devices instantly
  • Search all your files quickly via one search field
  • Tiered pricing system (starting from free) to suit your needs




Blinkist is like skim reading non-fiction books, on steroids. Over 1,000 best-selling books have been summarised into just 15 minutes’ worth of reading or listening, so you can get the key insights and the gist on the go.

Top features:

  • Sync across all devices, including Kindle
  • Choose to read or listen
  • Scientifically designed to help you retain more information




Get all of the news headlines from around the world at a glance in one clean app. With Inkl, you’ll know what’s going on, without wasting time. Inkl is a news aggregator that brings the most important stories from over 20 of the world’s best news sites into one app. From the Washington Post to the Sydney Morning Herald – stay informed on what’s happening around the world and on your doorstep.

Top features:

  • News that matters – not gossip or ‘clickbait’
  • Read multiple pieces on the same story for a wider perspective
  • Customise your feed and choose which publications to show
  • Save articles or view your reading history to re-visit stories that interest you




The internet is a beautiful thing, however, it’s also full of distractions. If you find you’re prone to losing time online shopping or on social media, you need ‘Freedom’. It works across all your devices and blocks you from your chosen apps and websites for a specified time period.

Key features:

  • Works across all devices
  • Categorise sites to be blocked (social, shopping, chat, etc.)
  • Schedule block-out times or use ‘instant block’ to dictate when you want the app to take control




If you use social media for your business, Buffer makes managing all those posts across all the social platforms a breeze. It’s one central website (and app) where you and your team can plan, write and schedule your social media posts and then let the app do all the work.

Key features:

  • Posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest
  • Track the impact of your posts
  • Collaborate easily with your team


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