Five New Year’s Payments Resolutions to Consider

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 Goals for the New Year 2017

If you hadn’t been paying attention over the last couple of years, payments technology is constantly changing and offers opportunities to be more strategic around customer experiences with your organisation. We expect this to continue to be the case in 2017.

With the new year, many of us have traditionally committed ourselves to some personal resolutions that aim to – hopefully – make some improvements in whatever way we desire.

Now, there are a lot of organisations we deal with, small and large, that struggle to find the time to lay out a strategic plan of their own even in the best of months. The breaking of the new year, is a very good excuse to change this situation. In fact, we highly recommend you give your organisation, your team, and yourself some resolutions for 2017, payments-related, of course. 


Some New Year Resolutions to Consider

To help you on your way, we suggest the following payments-related resolutions:

check-circle “We will make sure we listen to our customers and amend the payments environment and associated systems or services to make sure we truly become a customer-first organisation.”

check-circle “We will review our processes related to the way we manage our payments processing to ensure that: a) it is digitised end-to-end; b) it has seamless integration between our various IT systems; and c) it is helping us become more efficient.”

check-circle “We will evaluate how well our payments providers are performing in terms of the level of service they afford the organisation along with their ability to help us when and how we need.”

check-circle “We will give a serious and comprehensive review on the way data and information security and privacy are handled in our organisation; and will take any appropriate steps to strengthen our position.”

check-circle “We will investigate the ways we can use emerging technologies, including those in the payments field, to give a new or improved customer experience.” 

That’s five quick, but strategic resolutions that can help any organisation in 2017. They are, as you might have noticed, aimed at raising payments to the level of business strategy over functionality. Something we believe could help many organisations.

Of course, we don’t always (ever?) stick to our personal resolutions. But setting goals for ourselves and our businesses is a good thing. Following through on them is even better. What do you want to have achieved when we reach the end of 2017? It’s a simple question, potent with opportunities. 

If you're after a payments checklist, then we may have just the one for you here. It may help with your resolutions for the new year. 

2017 is as good a year as any to review your payments environment. Let us know and we can give you a hand in implementing a simple and secure payment solution for your business. To learn how our payment solution can become part of your business strategy, simply call 1300 763 256.