How to Make Your Fundraiser a Success

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Planning your fundraising event calendar for the year? Organising events and running fundraisers are massive tasks. Ideating and planning can take months, and every aspect, right from event logistics to organising invitees and volunteers needs to be planned to the nth degree. Done well, you stand a chance of increasing the visibility of your charity and generating more goodwill from your donors and volunteers.

In today’s post, we uncover some ideas you can take to your next fundraiser planning meeting.


Know your donors

Know Your Donors

Did you know that giving to charities has decreased by 0.3%, and that Australians over the age of 65 give the most?* With the NAB’s Consumer Behavior Survey continuing to show consumers cutting back on “non-essentials”, it’s important to know your donor inside out and not assume their charitable interests. Track when they are most likely to donate. Note what campaigns, funds and appeals have worked in the past and weave that into your fundraiser. The timing of your event is key - more than ever before.

Respect your donors. Communicate what your charity has achieved from their donations and share your successes. Ensure social media plays a part in your communication strategy as users are likely to re-share and promote your charity’s achievements amongst their networks. Make them feel invested in your outcomes and they will actively contribute and champion your cause.  

It is always worth taking the time to get to know your donors better. You will learn so much on how to make your fundraiser a success. Having this kind of knowledge at the ready is no longer a luxury but a necessity for fundraisers. 


Seek corporate sponsorships

Seek Corporate Sponsorships

Australian businesses are generous donors giving $17.5 billion in community partnerships, donations and sponsorships in 2015-2016 alone. Reach out to corporate sponsors to fund your fundraisers and give them a good reason to pick you as their charity of choice. What works in your favour is that companies sponsor charitable causes so that they can be seen as socially responsible. From the corporate’s standpoint, they stand to make inroads in the community using your charity as a vehicle. 

Approach companies with a clear and persuasive proposal. Let them know how the fundraiser can benefit them in terms of publicity and brand visibility. Work closely with them, and inform them of the benefits of the partnership and how it can lead to greater opportunities.


Timing is key when planning an event

Timing is Key

Carefully select the date and time of your event. You don’t want your event to clash with popular fixtures such as sporting events, etc. Or - on the flip side - if it works for your cause and resonates with your audience, there’s no better time to schedule your event than to coincide with the big sporting events of the year so as to get maximum mileage. For example, certain charities plan their fundraisers around the cricket or rugby. Either way, give some thought to the timing of the event.

Weather is an important consideration here as it can determine the venue, agenda and logistics, among other things. For instance, if you are planning an outdoor event, it would be best to avoid the storm season.


Use technology to promote your charity fundraiser

Always be Promoting

It goes without saying, but use every channel at your disposal. Promote and advertise your event on social media. Engage your volunteers and encourage invitees to promote your event on their social media networks.

Shape your message according the medium. Email is a great tool – and don’t neglect the email signature to highlight your fundraiser. If you can, have a face for the mission - someone who embodies your charity’s culture and purpose. When charities and celebrities lend their names to a good cause, it rarely fails to attract some welcome publicity and higher ticket sales.


* Source: NAB Charitable Giving Index (period: August 2016 and the 11 months prior)

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