Integrating Payments with your Gym Software

5 min read

Good business management software can simplify the way you run your gym or fitness studio. When you're planning and running a full day's schedule of classes, it can be hard to find the time to manage enrolments and memberships, take care of marketing and promotions, re-schedule PT sessions, manage payments and run reports. By choosing a management software package that has all the right features for your business, you can ensure your centre runs smoothly. By integrating payments into this package as well, you’ll be able to realise the true benefits of a fully integrated system.

An all-in-one solution means better insights and more accurate data

Data accuracy is important for any business - and an all-in-one packaged solution ensures a high level of integrity. For Marina at Pure Health Clubs, the all-in-one solution provided a single view of the customer and an accurate ‘big picture’ view of the business.

Reflecting on the positive changes experienced after moving to an all-in-one system, Marina commented, “Getting paid is so much easier now. I’m able to manage the KPIs through the reports, knowing that our cash-flow is matched to memberships. It just means that I can know the accuracy is there when we do our projections. When your numbers are accurate and they're measured correctly then you're able to manage them better.” 

Save time on admin

Integrating payments with your gym software means you can access customer data and take payments from one place - and do away with manual double-handling and the pain that comes with trying to synchronise customer data across two separate systems.

For Julia Hamm, who heads Hampton Swim School and TumbleTastics, payments integration made life a whole lot easier for her staff and customers. She remarks, “Instead of doubling up on a payment system, and also a database of our schedules of classes and parent information, it all integrated into one. A single integrated system really saves us time on data entry and set up, which is really handy for the business.”

Keep security a priority

David Sims runs Think 24 Hour Fitness and believes data security should play an important part in choosing the right integrated software management system. He says, “As soon as we enter the payment data and punch in our customers' bank details into the software, it gets pushed straight across to Ezidebit and we never have to play with it again. We needed a software [integration] that was going to keep our members bank details as secure as possible, which Ezidebit does with its PCI DSS Level 1 compliance.”

Ezidebit integrates with leading fitness software packages allowing Gyms, Fitness Centres and Health Studios to manage and collect payments:
- Without the need for double handling
- Seamlessly 

So when you’re next stressing over running a full class schedule, managing enrolments and taking care of marketing, you can breathe easy and know that your membership payments are being taken care of. It's easy, simple and best of all - it's integrated.