Top 5 websites for small businesses

5 min read

The Internet offers an endless flow of new information and tools that can help businesses run more effectively. So how do you keep up with it all? We’ve put together our top 5 online tools designed to make your job easier. A must read for every business owner. 


Google is no longer just answering all of our search questions, it’s saving businesses time and money with Gsuite. We’re all familiar with Google’s handy collection of applications like Gmail, calendars, docs and so forth, but Gsuite delivers a range of powerful tools, from tracking the analytics of your website to providing virtual collaborative whiteboard spaces for your team to brainstorm the next big idea. And with an affordable email hosting service available, you’ll look way more professional  with email addresses that use  your business domain name i.e [yourname]@[yourdomainname] 


Canva is your one stop design shop that makes creating graphics, ads and templates for your brand, for both web and print, a breeze. It runs inside your browser  has an easy to use drag-and-drop interface and provides access to over a million photographs, graphics, and fonts. 

Canva also have a range of tutorials and design courses to get you started and quickly be able to build your brand and assets easily. From fonts, to layouts and colours, canva can help you create a brand to stand out from the crowd. 


You don’t need to engage with expensive graphic designers to create designer presentations, charts, infographics and reports. With piktochart, you can create professional presentations using the simple point and click editor. From icons, images and over 600 templates, you can customise your reports and presentations to suit your target audience. 


The right project management tool can transform a business. However, choosing one can be like choosing a smartphone – you’re either in one camp or the other. For project management, it’s Asana or Trello. While both are great, Trello offers an excellent user experience. For those unaware, these programs allow you to work more collaboratively in teams and make managing multiple projects at the same time, both easy and accountable. Trello trumps Asana because of its easy-to-use drag and drop functionality, simple uploading of files for sharing, seamless organisation and the basic service is free! 


Data, data, data, it seems to be the buzzword at the moment. But how can you collect meaningful data to analyse and use to formulate decisions. SurveyGizmo lets you create online surveys for collecting and reporting on survey responses.

SurveyGizmo's powerful, easy-to-use software takes the headache out of creating and acting on your market research surveys. With your branded surveys you will be able to gather information for market research and be armed to make more informed business decisions. 

If you’re a small business owner wanting to stay informed and get one over your competitors, make sure you check out these sites.