AI Technology: What is it and how can it improve my small business?

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Artificial technology is not just confined to creepy looking human robots and home ‘helpers’ listening to your every word.

Encompassing visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages, these complex systems are increasingly making their way into the workplace – fortunately not to take over, but to assist you in organisation, management and future planning. With so many variations on the market, AI technology can be tricky to decipher so to help simplify things, we’ve compiled a list of the best tools to help make your small business and operations more efficient.



If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of unstructured meetings (often resulting in zero outcome and a follow up meeting to do it all again), it’s Wrappup to the rescue. Using voice recording, Wrappup assists in summarising meeting content whilst highlighting the main take-away points. Speech search also enables you to look up important parts of the meeting for verbatim quotes, with playable minutes ready for immediate sharing.



You know the state of your image library – despite feeble attempts to keep it clean and structured, you end up with an assortment of obscurely labelled pictures and multiple copies of the same image. Instead of spending time trawling through your collection, make your image library searchable with Immaga. With modification tools like colour extraction and thumbnail cropping, you can ensure the best quality image for your website, while keeping your pictures organised with automatic tagging and categorisation.



Take the hours out of competitor analysis with Diffbot, a web extraction tool that turns website content into data with one simple search. Hunting out key information such as price tracking and changes as well as new blog posts, articles and trending content, Diffbot uses a combination of artificial technology, machine learning and computer vision to automatically extract the data you’re looking for from any web page. Being cloud based, this also means there is no need to download or store information. With a 14 day free trial, you’ve got nothing to lose – find out what your industry neighbours are up to and get the advantage.


When it comes to the workplace, knowing how to communicate with colleagues, clients and the powers that be is a skill. Since we haven’t yet mastered the art of telepathy, give Crystal a go. Using personality assessments, this artificial technology can help you to better understand the behavioural and communicative tendencies of yourself and your co-workers, making for a more harmonious and conscious workplace. To forego all awkward team bonding sessions, pre and post-hire reports can also help those joining your workforce to understand and adapt to all team members.

AI Google Education

Whether you’re interested in pursuing your knowledge of artificial intelligence or want your workers to stay up to date on the latest in technology, AI Google Education offers a range of information and exercises to help advance your projects and increase your understanding of how these systems work. From responsible AI practice guides through to video learning, online course material and hands-on tutorials, these resources are designed to refine your skills in the digital sphere, giving you the edge when it comes to small business management.

Feeling more confident to take a leap into the world of artificial technology? With no shortage of online tools on offer, you have the opportunity to learn more about your competitors, your colleagues and gain the knowledge needed to streamline and succeed in your business operations.