Charity Spotlight - RizeUp Australia

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Here at Ezidebit, part of our ethos is giving back to the community.

Our last initiative saw a volunteer from RizeUp Australia coming into the office to pick up some laptops from our Brisbane office.

RizeUp Australia is a community driven organisation dedicated to supporting the brave families leaving domestic and family violence. RizeUp provides practical assistance to the families with initiatives such as:

  • A home specific to every family’s needs,

  • Urgent food, blankets and funds,

  • Child support, incorporating relocation costs to a school, uniforms, school books, bags, lunches, etc.

We donated laptops to RizeUp Australia, as computers are a necessity for school work and many household tasks. These will be valuable assets to the RizeUp program and the people that need them. Ashleigh (pictured) was ecstatic to receive these and we want to thank Alex (Information Security Lead - pictured) for taking the initiative and making this possible.

To find out more information:

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We are committed to our social responsibility programmes which are spearheaded by our employees. We give back to the community because we can and are always on the lookout for new initiatives. There is another new and exciting initiative happening soon, so keep on the lookout by following us on LinkedIn here.