Day of Service - giving a helping hand to World's Biggest Garage Sale

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Ship-It Day of Service


Over 150 of our team converged on Friday 26 October to think big, think differently and to make a positive impact for people, planet and purpose.


As a part of Global Payments Inc. AU/NZ day of service, our teams dedicated their annual hackathon to the World’s Biggest Garage Sale - a charity that not only creates a circular economy where waste is diverted from landfill but also donates all funds raised to worthwhile children’s charities.


It was an amazing day with teams from Ezidebit, eWAY and Storman coming together to create ideas, concepts and outcomes to help the World’s Biggest Garage Sale provide the best experience for our community.


We considered some of their current and future challenges and what we could do to help them. Such consideration included going cashless, optimising data, and other value-driving activities.


The feedback so far has been extremely positive, and already there have been over 1,200 views of our event video posted on LinkedIn.


We hope our efforts truly make a difference and continue to have a positive impact for the planet, for our people and for our community well into the future.


Check out the video from our latest Day of Service!