Smart Ways for Bookkeepers and Accountants to Make Their Services More Affordable

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Working in bookkeeping or accounting, you’re all about the numbers. You understand the way a business (or an individual for that matter) needs to operate in order to effectively and efficiently budget, spend and profit – so, why wouldn’t you make it easier for your clients and do the same for your services?

While peak times around reporting and tax periods have bookkeeping or accounting professionals instructing clients to take a ticket and join the queue, you can have a digital system in place enabling you to take the pressure off and avoid the sometimes difficult time this can be for business owners.

With automated electronic payment systems like Ezidebit, you can streamline your financials as a business owner, whilst giving current and potential customers the option to make and receive payments at regular set intervals. This makes for a more affordable service for your clients and a more valued relationship for you as a financial services provider.


Tax time

Between tax returns, reporting and BAS reporting obligations, business owners are by far your most regular clients, and as a qualified bookkeeper or accountant, you want to provide them with the best possible service in order to retain these clientele and boost your income.

Research shows the average Australian small business waits 56 days for their accounts to settle. As you've probably experienced, billing for services around these times can often place added stress on business owners, and for many, poor cash flow management can result in detrimental effects. Invoice holders who are in debt are generally slower to pay their bills, and for your clients, this results in poor cash flow.  Not only does this make it difficult for client's to effectively operate, but can also directly impact you and your cash flow as a business owner in a trickle-down effect, should any serious financial difficulties arise.

Giving financial services providers and advisors the option to split their fees over regular amounts at regular intervals, Ezidebit provides an easy and effective solution for bookkeepers and accountants to set up regular direct debit payments for clients to ensure stable, steady cash flow, and gaining efficiencies. As a result of offering these automated payment options as a financial services provider, your business become more valued in the eyes of clients, increasing your loyal, long-term relationships. 

To give your clients an idea of how much extra cash Ezidebit could provide them with each month, check out the Ezidebit cash flow calculator.


Why Choose Ezidebit For Your Bookkeeping and Accounting Services?

For over seventeen years, Ezidebit has been assisting both big and small businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand utilise cash flow management as a key driver for success, cementing their name as one of the industry's most trusted payment systems. Using bank level security and Level 1 PCI DSS compliance, Ezidebit's high level security also adds to its credentials as Australia's largest non-bank payment provider.

With Ezidebit, automated payments can be set up between your clients and their respective account or invoice holders, meaning invoices get paid on time. This results in consistent cash flow for your clients, and a more streamlined manner of accounting or bookkeeping for you.

When considering implementing an automated payment system for your client's business, you want the convenience of being able to maintain current operations while new systems are launched behind the scenes. Ezidebit's quick and easy setup means your clientele can continue business as usual, while the digital payment system gets up and running, assisted by Ezidebit's experienced tech team.

Additionally, Ezidebit offers automatic reconciliation on transactions, with invoices sent directly upon received payments. Having these processes automated means your clients have less time spent manually processing accounts, and avoiding the additional labour costs that come with chasing late payers.


How Do I Get Started?

Contact Ezidebit online today to book a demo and discover how a streamlined payment can improve your accounting or bookkeeping services, improve your client's cash flow and increase your long-term prospects as a successful business owner.

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