The Merchant Trust Initiative - The tools, support and compliance you need to know

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The Merchant Trust Initiative - The tools, support and compliance you need to know

The Merchant Trust Initiative was created to give our merchant partners the resources and tools to build businesses that are resilient to cyber attacks and are meeting the highest standards for data protection.

By implementing the program, you will not only be protecting your business, but the important, confidential information of your customers.

Any small business person will tell you that to create anything of value requires an investment in time and resources. The reward for investing in cybersecurity is knowing you have removed a significant risk that has the potential to decimate your business.

What are the risks?

Before embarking on the MTI journey, it’s important to understand each of the tools and resources available to guide you through the process.

Tools to get compliant

The cornerstone of the MTI program is the TrustKeeper PCI Manager tool. This is an all-in-one security and PCI compliance tool developed by Trustwave, a Chicago-based data security business with over three million subscribers around the world.

Designed specifically for small businesses, it was created with a genuine understanding of the competing priorities of small business owners. TrustKeeper PCI Manager makes PCI compliance easy so you can get on with the business of growing your business, satisfied you are protected from any cyber threats.

The tool has a number of important features that have made it the market leader.

A built-in wizard that guides you through the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) which is required to ensure you are processing payments in a secure manner. The wizard helps simplify the process, walking merchants step-by-step through the process for PCI DSS certification.

Together with a range of other features, the TrustKeeper PCI Manager tool is the simplest way to get your business PCI DSS compliant.

Resources to stay compliant

While utilising TrustKeeper PCI Manager is an important component of your PCI DSS compliance journey, having the information resources to ensure ongoing good practice is also critical.


As part of the Merchant Trust Initiative (MTI) you will have access to a comprehensive suite of resources to ensure you stay ahead of the curve, including;

  • Information Security Policy and Privacy Statement templates to download and rollout across your business

  • Security awareness training for you and staff

  • Trusted eCommerce seals to give your customers confidence their data is protected

  • Enterprise-grade antivirus software

  • Best practice guides.

Support along the journey

We appreciate that for many small businesses, the ever-increasing complexity of their IT infrastructure can be difficult to manage and when you run into issues, you want to be able to find solutions quickly and efficiently.

Get in contact with us.

If you have any questions about The Merchant Trust Initiative, or have any questions about your business being PCI compliant, please follow the links above and a member of our support team will be in contact shortly.