4 Reasons Clients Aren't Signing Up To Your Fitness Business (and How To Fix It)

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You’re open for business – so, why don’t you have customers lining the pavement to enter? Running a fitness business is no easy feat. You need to make sure you’re balancing customer retention, marketing, staying up to date on the latest and greatest workouts, and getting those new faces through the door.

If you find yourself faced with one (or more) of the following four problems, never fear. These are problems with a simple, straightforward solution.


Problem #1: You have an industry reputation for short term customers

In the fitness sphere word seems to spread, fast. Combined with our increasing reliance and use of technology and the power of social media, word of mouth can make or break many businesses. It may have been a few ‘one-off’ unhappy customers, or perhaps not quite getting customer service training down pat – either way, a few reviews have led to a less than impressive industry reputation – so, how do you fix it?

Solution: Make your customers the priority

From the moment they walk into your fitness business, customers want to feel like they are more than just a number. Of course, this is where customer service training comes into play, but with a little extra help, you can help make your customer’s experience that little bit more memorable.

With Ezidebit, you can help potential customers to create a tailored payment system that works with their budget, enabling them to choose the date or dates in which payments are taken from their account. Along with putting them in control of their own finances, this also helps customers to form foundation of trust with you. 


Problem #2: There are no rewards for loyalty

As a long-term user of any service, you expect companies to reach out and acknowledge their loyal customers. As a fitness business owner, you need to ensure you’re contacting your well-seasoned regulars to say thanks – and with a little incentive, they may just spread the word.

Solution: Get thanking with a loyalty program

With Ezidebit’s direct debit system, you can make instant changes to payment plans – should you decide to thank your long-term customers with a year’s gym membership at 30% off, all it takes is a few clicks of a button and you’ve made your regulars very happy.

Similarly for your new members, offering a discounted rate for referring others or even members only prices via a shopping cart system is a great way for people to get talking about your business – and the offer is all too easy to implement.  


Problem #3: Cash flow is tight – and your business is lacking muscle

Whether it’s old equipment or an understaffed front desk, a fitness business that’s lacking front-facing aesthetics will seldom make for a good impression from potential new customers. However, the problem isn’t your lack of determination, but rather the lack of funds. You’ve got outstanding invoices and you’re spending more time and money chasing them than focusing on getting new customers through the door. So, what do you do?

Solution: Get paid on time, every time

Just as Ezidebit’s online direct debit payment system works for your customers, so too will it benefit your business. Set payments at regularly determined intervals means automatic transactions are quick, easy and dependable, meaning you get paid on time, every time. 

An increase in cash flow, and less time spent on manual labour chasing payments means greater investment for your business. 


Problem #4: Your payment structure isn’t flexible enough

Like with any purchase or service sign up, customers don’t want to be pigeon-holed into a rigid payment plan, especially with no knowledge or proof that their payments have been made. If you’re finding your current payment plan is turning customers away, it might be worth investing in a system that works for all parties.

Solution: Don’t be afraid to put your customers in control

Investing in a system that enables your customers to break down their payments into smaller, more manageable amounts helps in creating a mutually beneficial flexible payment structure. Ezidebit’s direct debit system has been specifically designed to simplify the entire transaction process, meaning from sign up to being immediately invoiced upon payments, your customers receive the benefit of flexibility, while you maintain a steady cash-flow.


Ready to improve your fitness business and get those fresh faces through the door? 

Contact Ezidebit today and discover how their online payment system can help you to earn more, save more, and spend more time with your customers.