Simplify your school’s tuition and payments with an automated solution

When it comes to school fees and payments, simplicity and automation play a key role in ensuring parents have a flexible and easy way to pay for all of their children’s schooling needs. Ezidebit’s payment solutions let you mix and match methods to make it easy for parents - giving you control over late payments, enabling more payment streams and providing less manual processing.

Painless payments for everything from fees to fundraising

Create efficiencies by digitising the collection of payments

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The changing landscape of schools mean that children have access to more opportunities to learn, develop and socialise. As schools enter the digital realm, there is a continuous need to provide a fast and flexible payment system to support it. Ezidebit creates greater efficiencies for your staff to collect and reconcile payments throughout the lifecycle of a child’s education.

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Why choose Ezidebit

save time

Save Teacher and Administration Time

Introducing payment processing efficiencies focuses the teacher’s time on learning outcomes and enables administrators to support teachers and the operational efficiency of the school.

set and forget

Reduce Late Payments

Ezidebit automates the collection of payments for your administrators, meaning fewer payments are late and less time is spent chasing payments.


Ensure PCI Compliance is Upheld

Using Ezidebit’s level 1 PCI DSS compliant platform for your school’s payment processing adds an extra layer of security and confidence for staff and students when entering sensitive card or bank details.

peace of mind

Improve Convenience for Students and Parents

Parents have busy lives, sometimes this is the reason for missed payments. With Ezidebit, parents or students can make payments in their own time, at their own convenience.


Remove Security Risks for Kids

By encouraging or becoming a cashless school, this can remove any security risks faced by children holding or carrying cash.

stand-alone solution

Improve the Parent Experience

Streamlining payments into one centralised place helps to remove any friction points and helps to ensure that payments are made on-time.

You’re in great company.

Over 27,000 Australian and New Zealand businesses choose Ezidebit as their preferred payment solution. Completely scalable, we have designed a complete payment processing suite that meets your needs, no matter what stage of the business journey you’re at.

Our Education Partner

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Sentral Education

Sentral is a proven web-based software solution that seamlessly manages school administration, student data and payments. Sentral is focused on tailor-made solutions that help administration staff, teachers and school leaders save valuable time. With over 3000 schools across Australia currently using Sentral, they’ve fast become leaders in the K-12 ERP and Student Management Software sector.

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Fast Facts on Payments in K - 12 Education

The cost of education is on the rise

The cost of education has almost doubled in the past 20 years - rising at 5.6% in comparison to the overall inflation rate of 1.3%.

Digitising payments can help schools accrete benefits other sectors are seeing

Adopting methods to increase efficiency and effectiveness are critical to schools setting up for future success. Moving away from manual approaches has resulted in a ~60% reduction in processing costs.

Fees are outpacing the average wage growth rate

In 2019, private school fees have risen by an average of 3.1%. Fee inflation also continued to outpace the average wage growth rate of 2.2%.

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