How payments software can foster a customer-first approach in childcare

Why childcare operators need to prioritise a customer-first approach when changing software & payment partners

It’s no wonder most Australian childcare operators use a direct debit solution to streamline their operations and improve their cash flow.

They are able to significantly cut down the time it takes for business administration and chasing late payments, which allows them to spend more time caring for and focusing on the development of the children in their care. This extra time in their day, coupled with a greatly improved business cash flow that strengthens their bottom line, allows room for creativity to bring ideas to life that improve or expand their offering.

While direct debit payments provide significant benefits, this is magnified by partnering with a provider that can provide additional payment options such as online and over-the-phone payments, BPAY and in-person payments with EFTPOS. Especially when a situation calls for on-the-spot, catch-up, or alternative ways to pay, you can ensure you are getting paid on time, while providing your customers choice and convenience. When this is coupled with a great childcare software solution, you can experience a seamless end-to-end management system.

But what happens if the software solution you’ve got in place isn’t delivering or living up to its promises?

Suddenly you find yourself spending more time chasing support tickets and worrying about when you’ll be able to pay your staff. You wonder, “What am I paying for? Is it worth it?”

With over a decade of experience in the Australian childcare industry, Ezidebit’s National Business Development Manager for Childcare and Education Kim Fazzolari has heard these frustrations before.

“When you’re running a childcare and have families with payment or service-related questions, as well as meeting NQS (National Quality Standard) benchmarks and government reporting requirements, it leaves little room for patience for clunky systems and limited support from your software provider in your day-to-day.

“Unfortunately, when the childcare operator makes a decision to address these problems and make the switch to a new provider, they are forced to leave the payments provider they like, forcing their families to move with it.

“Even worse, they don’t get the support they need from the new software provider during the transition, which leaves them feeling defeated and cautious about switching again,” Kim says.

She notes that while it can be overwhelming thinking about another switch, the rewards are worth it when you find the right partner that will guide and support you throughout the transition.

“Ezidebit aligns itself with user-friendly Childcare Management software partners that have the same values we do around customer support and service including FullyBooked, Kinder M8 and Kindy Manager,” Kim says.

“Working with customer centric companies is key. You need to be able to contact someone immediately, have access to the most up-to-date programs at an affordable price point, and the ability to integrate with a Childcare Management software solution that streamlines your business operations.

“That said, if you feel like your payments and management software are not working together seamlessly to support your business like they should, let’s talk through your options so you can get back to doing what you do best.”

Get in touch if you’re interested in learning more about our childcare payment solutions or software partners.

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