PayTo, the new standard of real-time payments

PayTo is the new, digital way for businesses to initiate real-time recurring payments from their customers’ bank accounts – COMING SOON.

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Payto done in one
Payto done in one

Get your payments done in one

PayTo is an exciting extension of our brand promise - payments done in one. This new emerging payment technology is set to change the payments landscape.
And we’re at the forefront.

Our all-in-one superior payments offering, allows us to truly service the ever-changing needs of our clients and partners.

We are actively working on our integration with leading best-in-class NPP PayTo technology to make this product offering available to you. You can feel assured that with Ezidebit, you won’t be left behind.

How can PayTo be used?

customer control
customer control

Instead of/as well as Direct Debit

With real-time payment processing and confirmation of payment outcomes, you can enjoy improved cash flow and greater business efficiencies.

online portal
online portal

Powered up ecommerce

Perfect for one off, ad hoc or frequent account on file’ transactions, PayTo is a perfect digital, integrated solution where payments are processed in real-time.

simple solution
simple solution

QR codes for a better customer experience

Businesses will be able to use QR codes to provide a quick and easy way to set up a new PayTo agreement, by pre-populating data for the customer.

Why should my business offer PayTo?

We know you’re busy. We know you’d rather get back to business than spend time chasing payments.

  • Real-time verification of customers' bank accounts - so you can feel confident payments are coming from a verified and active account
  • Real-time funds verification - enjoy efficiencies for your business with successful or failed transactions verified in real-time
  • Proactive communication - receive notifications at various stages of payment so you can feel confident where your cash flow and incoming revenue is at any point in time
  • Increased visibility - see when a payment agreement is paused, changed or cancelled -  so you know where your customers are at with their payments, at any given moment
  • Reduced failed payments - as bank accounts don’t expire, as opposed to credit cards
  • Reduced payment disputes - due to the pre-authorisation of the PayTo agreement by the customer
  • Fast and easy payment reconciliation - PayTo agreements contain all the data and information you need to reconcile transactions, fast
  • Supported by APIs - API integrations help deliver a fast, seamless process 

Learn how PayTo works

PayTo Ezidebit FAQs

What is PayTo and how can it be used?

What is PayTo and how can it be used?

PayTo is a new, digital way for businesses like yours to initiate real-time payments from your customers’ bank accounts.

Once available in market, you will be able to offer PayTo via Ezidebit to your customers as an alternative payment method for a variety of products and services, such as recurring payments for things like membership fees, loan repayments or subscription services.

How does PayTo work?

How does PayTo work?

PayTo is a digital, centrally stored agreement between a business and a customer that pre-authorises a business to take payments from the customers verified bank account for an agreed amount, frequency (can be recurring or one-off) and time period. PayTo payments are processed in real-time 24x7 using a simple identifier with a richer description.

Do my customers need to use a PayID with PayTo?

Do my customers need to use a PayID with PayTo?

Many people have PayID set up, which links a unique and memorable piece of information such as your mobile number or email address to your bank account. This is commonly used in many consumer to consumer payments as a way to send safe, secure, instant payments between bank accounts. PayID is created in a user’s mobile banking app.

While PayID makes it quick and easy to set up pre-authorised PayTo agreements, customers can still enter their BSB and bank account number directly, without having to use PayID.

Is PayTo a replacement for direct debit?

Is PayTo a replacement for direct debit?

Among other use cases, PayTo could be used as a digital alternative to the current direct debit system. It provides the ability to support a range of different recurring payment types including fixed or variable payments amounts and payment frequencies. Your business can choose to offer Direct Debit and PayTo as they work side by side, by offering more ways to pay you can be sure to have a payment method that suits all your customers.

When will PayTo be available?

PayTo is currently being developed by New Payments Platform (NPP) Australia and the financial services industry. Although not currently available, Ezidebit is working on the integration to offer our clients and software partners this new payment technology as soon as it becomes available.

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