Enhance your existing payment offering, with our EFTPOS solution
These days, your customers have come to expect simple one-touch payments. Our EFTPOS solution is a fantastic payment option for you and your customers as we move towards becoming a near-cashless society.

While EFTPOS is now the norm in business, we’re focused on giving you a solution that simplifies payments and works for your business.

Now you can streamline your payments with our EFTPOS solution, and enhance your offering. It works seamlessly alongside your existing settlements and various Ezidebit payment methods, offering a simple centralised reporting system. With everything all in one place, you can stop checking multiple data sources and multiple suppliers for an accurate view of your business. Plus, your machine will automatically reconcile at the end of each day - so there’s no need to remember to settle manually.

Our payment specialists will provide you with custom pricing to suit your business. Register your interest below to find out more.

Currently available for businesses in the Health & Fitness industry.

Ezidebit Terminal
All your payments needs in one place
EFTPOS powered by Global Payments
Single source of truth
Get consolidated reporting and settlement of funds alongside your direct debit, online card payments and BPAY transactions.
Reliable, fast machines
Give your customers a good experience with a ‘plug and play’ dependable machine. It works straight out of the box - just turn it on and it connects instantly.
Pricing to suit your business
Know what you are paying, with no hidden bank fees or costs, and multiple options based on your needs.
Take payments anywhere
You can process payments on the go, with our EFTPOS machines offering multiple connection types, including 3G (through the Telstra mobile network), Wi-Fi or Ethernet (LAN connection).

"I’m so happy with Ezidebit’s EFTPOS machine! It prints clear receipts, it charges really quickly, and the battery lasts a long time. The biggest win though is the automatic settlement of payments every night - love it!"

Geri Wilde

The Pole Gym, Brisbane City

Have questions?

We will send you an EFTPOS machine that is a plug and play, meaning it’s pre-configured specifically for your business and has been tested prior to being sent out. Simply unpack the box and turn it on. The machine will connect to the 3G network by default, however you can also choose to change to another connection type. For more information, see the flyer inside the box.
Simply get in touch with us via support@ezidebit.com.au (quoting your Client ID and what you’re after) or call 1300 763 256. We’ll get these shipped to you and then arrange for these to be billed (where appropriate) at the end of the month.
All EFTPOS transactions will take up to two business days to settle. Funds will be cleared to your nominated bank account alongside your existing product terms and timeframes.
Once your application is approved, it’ll take 2-4 business days for the machine to arrive, depending on your location.
You can keep your existing machine until your new machine arrives. Once you receive your Ezidebit EFTPOS machine, simply unpack the box, switch it on and you’re up and running.
Yes. The terminal works off a battery and can last up to eight hours, depending on frequency of use. If you don’t already have one, you can also choose to order a base station which will give you charging functionality while connected.
Automatic settlements happen once per day from our EFTPOS machines [to your nominated bank account]. It will happen even when the machine is off (but connected to power and network), so it’s one less thing you need to remember to do!
Visa, Mastercard and eftpos cards are currently accepted (including through Apple Pay and Google Pay). We are working on introducing new card types in the coming months.
Currently we are in launch phase within the Health & Fitness industry. Over the next few months, we plan on rolling this out to additional industries. Please fill out the above register your interest form.