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Streamline rental collections through our all-in-one payments.

Collecting rent? Piece of cake.

Ezidebit streamlines rental collections through our all-in-one payments. Rent, bills, utilities, repairs or maintenance - we can process it all. Consolidate all your profit streams into one place, making property management easier for you and your managers, and simpler for your tenants. Flexible payment arrangements allow for easy scheduling with a choice of weekly, fortnightly or monthly rental payments. You get paid quicker, and less payments in arrears means improved cash flow and a faster and smoother settlement of funds for landlords.


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set and forget

Direct debit for effortless recurring payments

Direct debit makes it easy to set up automated, recurring payment schedules from your tenants’ bank accounts or credit/debit cards.

customer control

PayTo for real-time recurring payments

With PayTo you can collect real-time payments for recurring or one-off payments with same day settlement from pre-authorised agreements. Refunds of deposits and bonds are easy using PayTo.

plug and play

Online payments for flexibility

Set up online payments so your tenants can book and pay in one easy transaction on your website using their debit or credit card.


eftpos for in-person payments

Our wireless plug-and-play eftpos facilities allow you to take in-person payments almost anywhere.

Why choose Ezidebit


Top security

Ezidebit’s payment solutions are protected by the highest level of security, to keep payments safe and data secure.



Ongoing support

With 25 years in the payments business, our friendly local teams are available to ensure you get the support you need, when you need it by phone, chat or email.


customer control
customer control

Enjoy total control and efficiency

Ezidebit’s automated payments, cloud-based reporting and single settlement of funds give you greater visibility and control, while reducing unnecessary administration and manual work for property managers.


Grow with ease

Looking to expand or grow? You can combine any of our solutions to suit your needs right now plus, they can scale with you as your portfolio expands.

General Business
General Business

Automation features for better communication

Communicate simply and easily with tenants so they’re always in the know. Access automation features so you can send a text or email directly to their phone if a payment has failed so they can make an immediate payment, avoiding dishonour fees.


cash flow
cash flow

Improved cash flow

With automated, recurring payments, your business can enjoy improved cash flow and better revenue forecasting to help with planning.

Our Real Estate partner

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Console is a leading property management and trust accounting software company in Australia and New Zealand.They released their first cloud-based property management software, Console Cloud in 2017. Console Pay is powered by Ezidebit and integrates seamlessly within the Console platform.
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