Education and Training

Create simple payment arrangements for your students

Taking education payments to a new level

Our Ezidebit system lets you mix-and-match any number of our payment methods to ensure your students or their parents have manageable ways to pay course fees. Ezidebit’s solutions streamline your revenue streams, frees up time collecting fees and lets you and your staff get back to what’s important.

Removing the roadblocks to great education

Removing payment roadblocks from education and training

Regardless of age, students are some of the most financially vulnerable people in our country. However, our simple payment methods mean that the days of scrimping and saving for mammoth upfront fees are over - they can break down large payments into manageable repayments. It’s proven that education providers with an online presence and flexible payment options are seeing a dramatic spike in their enrolment rates and student retention. Let us help you make education affordable to everyone.

Removing payment roadblocks from education and training

Why choose Ezidebit?


Top security

Ezidebit’s payment solutions are protected by the highest level of security, to keep payments safe and data secure.

General Business
General Business

Automation features for better communication

Communicate simply and easily with donors and subscribers. Our automation features allow you to send a text or email directly to their phone if a payment hasn’t gone through so they can make an immediate payment.


Enjoy total control and efficiency

Ezidebit’s automated payments, cloud-based reporting and single settlement of funds give you greater visibility and control, while reducing unnecessary administration and manual work.


Grow with ease

With multiple payment methods available to you, our solutions are designed to scale with you as your organisation grows. You can generate additional revenue streams to further benefit your communities.

cash flow
cash flow

Improved cash flow

With automated, recurring payments, your charity can enjoy improved cash flow and better revenue forecasting to help with planning.



Ongoing support

With 25 years in the payments business, our friendly local teams are available to ensure you get the support you need, when you need it by phone, chat or email.

You’re in great company.

We've helped over 60,000 Australian and New Zealand businesses with their payments. Completely scalable, we have designed a complete payment processing suite that meets your needs, no matter what stage of the business journey you’re at.

Ezidebit for education

Payments made for students

Our Direct Debit and Real Time Payments are ideal methods to process student debts. Direct debit from bank accounts and cards, will see you get paid on time and improve your cash flow, as well as offering your students with more payment options. Additionally, Real Time Payments are ideal for auxiliary products such as textbooks, to the course.

Align with online study

As course materials and educational resources become more available for online platforms, payment collection methods should follow suit. Having multiple methods and flexible payment plans available to students, allows education and training providers to engage a wider student base and scale with online platforms.

Reduce the payment pressure

Attract and retain students by making your courses more affordable - you can break down your fees down into smaller, more manageable payments. Also, improve and automate your cash flow with flexible payment options for students.

Our education and training customers

School Pro Logo


SchoolPRO entered the Australian school administration software market in 2001 with the simple goal of helping schools reduce their administrative burden.SchoolPRO was founded on the belief that there must be a better way. Finally, a gold-standard school administration product was available to any school that wishes to use it. SchoolPRO now supports educational organisations throughout Australia.

VET Trak Logo


Empowering VET Students, RTO Staff and Education Organisations, VETrak’s mission is simple: to give their customers and their students a complete education ecosystem, providing end-to-end compliance, automation, agility, intelligence. VETtrak believes you deserve an experience that goes beyond the screen.

Fast facts for the education industry

Digital payments save money and time

Shifting to online payments mean: lower cost payments, better reporting, faster processing times, and efficient use of staff time and working capital.

64% of schools are now mostly digital

With technology being adopted in the classroom and administration areas, it’s only natural that payments will follow.

The education sector is growing

The Australian technical and vocational education sector is expected to increase by 2.2% p.a. over the next five years to become a $9.9bn industry.

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