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 Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a partner?

Please complete our Become a Partner form.




I want to build out a new product or feature. How do I accomplish this?

Use the form above and select “Add New Feature” to request a new product to add to your sandbox account. This will be sent to our integrations team to action, or depending on the nature of the query, they may contact you for more information.




I would like a sandbox account, how do I go about getting one?

Please complete our Sandbox Request form.




How can I promote my Ezidebit partnership on my website?

Use the form above and select “Marketing Guidance for our Partnership” or “Logos and Images”. One of our team will then reach out to help support you.




How can I have my Ezidebit partnership promoted on your website?

Use the form above and select “Changes to your Partner Page on the Ezidebit Website”, please provide our marketing team with a logo and a blurb about your software and integration (50 word limit applies).




How do I open an account to collect software fees?

Use the form above and select “Open Ezidebit Account for Software Billing'', then provide your details and someone from the sales team will reach out to you.




How do I refer a client?

Once you’ve been set up as a partner with Ezidebit, you should have access to a referral page on our website. If you haven’t received this, please use the form above and select “Referring Clients to Ezidebit”.




How can I check if you received my referral?

Use the form above and select “Checking the Status of a Client Setup”.




My client would like to migrate from another payment provider to Ezidebit, what is the process?

Use the form above and select “Client Changing Payment Provider to Ezidebit”, provide the client transfer details and the team will get back to you to understand your needs and take you through the process.




What information is required of clients when they are applying?

Please see the Australian Partner Referral Process or the NZ Partner Referral Process for a list of what is required from clients when applying for an Ezidebit account.




How do I change my bank account for commercial payments?

You can request this by using the form above and select “Change of Bank Details” and the team will get back to you with a confirmation.




I have built out a new feature (refunds, passing on fees, eDDR etc). What do I need to do?

Use the form above and select “Integration Support” and the team will get back to you.




What are the typical SLA’s in place for support to respond to clients queries?

Emails sent to the Support inbox before 4pm AEST | 3.30pm NZDT will be responded to that day Monday - Friday. You can call Ezidebit support on AU 1300 763 256 | NZ 0800 478 483 between 8:30am - 5pm AEST | 8:30am - 4:30pm NZDT Monday - Friday.




How can I escalate a client issue with your support team?

Use the form above and select “Escalate Important Client Enquiry”, the support team will come back to you as soon as possible.




How do I provide feedback or request a feature?

Use the form above and select “Feature Request” and our team will come back to you.




How do I action a refund/s for my client/s?

Ezidebit offers the ability to refund via our API. If you are looking to build this functionality into your software, please submit a request using the above form.

If you are seeking a bulk refund (due to a software issue or similar), select “Bulk Refund Requests” and provide the relevant details.




How do I arrange to have one of my clients transaction limit reviewed?

Use the form above and select “Client Transaction Limit Review” and provide the relevant details. The team will work directly with your client as they will need to provide additional information to support this request.




Where can I get more information about commercial agreements?

If you have a commercial agreement with Ezidebit, you can view any commercial reports and information via the Ezidebit Performio Rebate portal. If you haven’t received your login details, please use the form above and select “Performio access” to request your details.




How do I have my commercial agreement reviewed?

Use the form above and select “Contract Review”, a Partnership Relationship Manager will get back to you with more information.




Can you tell me why I haven't received a rebate payment?

Use the form above and select “Rebate Query”, our team will check the status and get back to you with more information.




Can I have some help navigating Performio?

Please see the Ezidebit Performio User Guide for more information. If you need further support, please contact the Ezidebit Finance team through the form above.




What is the settlement time for clients?

Payment Product

Processing Time Cut-off

Settlement Time

Settlement Day
(T = day of transaction)



Direct Debit

12:30am AEST

6:30am AEST

3:00pm AEST

1:30am AEST

3:00pm AEST

By 8:30am AEST


Online Payments

6:00pm AEST  

By 8:30am AEST



6:00pm AEST

By 8:30am AEST



6:00pm AEST  

By 8:30am AEST



  • Settlement occurs each business day Monday to Friday, excluding National Public Holidays

  • Transactions processed after the nominated cutoff time will fall into the next business day cycle

  • EFTPOS terminals complete an automatic end of day settlement at approx 7.00pm AEST each day (automated settlement time can be configured per terminal through our support team)





What is Card Testing and why does it affect my clients?

Card testing occurs when a fraudster or a potential hacker ‘tests’ a credit card number that they may have purchased from another fraudster/hacker, randomly generated or acquired through a phishing attack. The purpose of testing is not to actually purchase a product or service, but to verify if the card details being used are legitimate.

Card testing is an effective method in testing whether or not the card is valid. If for example, the cardholder has reported a card as stolen, card testing would show the transaction failed and the card number would therefore not be used. If the test transaction is successful, then the fraudster knows that it’s valid and can be potentially resold for a larger value.

Depending on how Partners integrate with the Ezidebit APIs and system - clients could be at an increased risk of card testing on their accounts. As the sophistication of these attacks increases, Ezidebit continues to iterate our integration methods to protect clients against this, but it’s not always 100% effective.

Best practice against card testing shows the best way to mitigate card attacks is to deploy:

  • Firewalls to block known sources of fraud

  • CAPTCHA visual challenges on payment pages

  • Device fingerprinting to identify repeat attempts

  • Velocity thresholds and monitoring failure rate from single sources

  • Anomaly detection of unexpected behaviour, such as a user loading up the payment page without entering in through other areas of the site

  • Strict time out of user session on the payment page and cooling off periods before a retry attempt on payments

  • Cross Site Request forgery detection

  • Limit usage of ‘guest’ checkouts


For more information, please feel free to contact our Integration team using the form above and select “Integration support”.