Clubworx doubles customer base through Ezidebit partnership

Clubworx's decision to partner exclusively with Ezidebit in 2018 has been a growth-defining moment, increasing mutual customers across Australia and New Zealand by 92%.

Clubworx, a global fitness and martial arts studio management software, simplifies membership and payment processes. This automation frees businesses to concentrate on member acquisition and delivering exceptional experiences.

Since partnering with Ezidebit, Clubworx has:


Doubled their customer base in three years

customer control
customer control

Successfully launched a new membership app with instant payment capabilities

simple solution
simple solution

Successfully launched a ‘Book and Pay’ instant online payment feature, with almost 40% adoption rate of Clubworx’s entire customer base


Clubworx was looking for a payment partner that really shared their business values of customer service and reliability.

Clubworx CEO Emily Smart found a true partnership with Ezidebit, whose extensive reputable history in payments made the exclusive partnership decision a no-brainer.

“Ezidebit, being Australia’s largest payment processor, represented a reliable partner, and one that aligns well with our own operational philosophies, valuing trust and flexibility over binding contracts,” she said.


Benefits of the Ezidebit partnership

Working with Ezidebit has proved beneficial in many ways, from product feature development to marketing strategies. Emily applauded Ezidebit’s responsive, supportive, and customer-centric approach, strengthening their productive partnership.

“Ezidebit helps us understand each feature fully, how it will benefit our customers, and ensure we follow best practice methodology.

“Since we share customers and approach this with different areas of expertise, it’s important to work together."

Emily spoke highly of Ezidebit's Relationship Manager, Shayna Jones.

“Having Shayna on our side leveraging Ezidebit's wealth of resources truly enhances our capabilities. She provides us with vital updates, fresh insights, and deep dives into our payment processing statistics that we might otherwise overlook,” she said.

Customer feedback and integration success

The technical integration delivering direct debit and online payments within the Clubworx platform relies on close cooperation between the two teams. Working closely with Ezidebit, Clubworx designed its platform to enable customers to easily manage almost all their payments without switching between systems.

Compared to other systems that require manual data inputs, Emily said Clubworx's integration with Ezidebit continues to delight customers with its ease and efficiency.


Achievements and results

Clubworx and Ezidebit’s recent achievements are proof of the partnership's success.

  • Membership app launch

The recent success of Clubworx’s membership app, featuring functionality from payments to bookings, is due to its close collaboration with Ezidebit, addressing customer needs directly.

“Anytime we can deliver something that improves the members’ or the gym's experience, it's a double win," said Emily.

Over the last six months, the focus was on introducing instant payment features into the member app, a move that customers have enthusiastically received.

  • Book and pay feature release

The ‘Book and Pay’ feature, leveraging instant online payments, resulted in a significant adoption rate of almost 40% across Clubworx’s entire customer base. It further increased sales conversions, with Emily highlighting its continual impact, “It's now part of every sales conversation."

  • Increase in customer base

From July 2020 to January 2021, customers grew by 10%, despite the pandemic. Subsequently, the number of clubs using the Ezidebit integration has doubled..

"Clubworx receives regular referrals from Ezidebit. Together with word of mouth, they've significantly contributed to our growth," Emily said.


Future growth and opportunities

Emily and Clubworx anticipate a promising future with Ezidebit, especially with the introduction of PayTo, a payment solution promising faster payments and improved cash flow.

"PayTo solves some of the issues that come naturally with direct debit. It's an exciting prospect that will be of interest to our customers," she said.

As Clubworx prepares to introduce more payment features in the next 6-12 months, Ezidebit’s support is key to future success.

"Having a well-known, trusted brand like Ezidebit working alongside us has been crucial, especially to help our business grow."


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