FullyBooked and Ezidebit simplify childcare management

Discover the reasons why this partnership has remained strong and successful for over four years — and how they work together to provide a streamlined payment experience.

FullyBooked is an Australian online childcare software solution that simplifies the management of childcare services. This includes taking care of Childcare Management Systems (CCMS), Child Care Subsidy (CCS) obligations, bookings, payments, and rebates.


The all-in-one system has been built from the ground up to support childcare businesses running single and multiple services. It provides the core functions you need to run your childcare centre as seamlessly and efficiently as possible.


FullyBooked partnered with Ezidebit to deliver an end-to-end childcare management solution providing multiple services, including simple collection of childcare fees.


Provide parents with flexibility to pay in multiple ways, including late notice bookings and cancellations

cash flow
cash flow

Streamline administration with automated reconciliation back into the centre’s CCMS software program

save time
save time

Reduce late payments for centres through scheduled payments, payment alerts and automated rescheduling of declined payments

An Industry-Wide Challenge

Running a profitable business that complies with the National Quality Framework (NQF) has its challenges. Increased staff ratio standards means increased staffing costs. Dealing with the additional administration load of NQF reporting takes time. And having to chase down payments affects your inbound cash flow.


FullyBooked has one major goal — to simplify childcare management. They achieve this by providing a dedicated family website that allows parents and guardians to self-manage their bookings with ease. On top of this, they automate most of the CCS requirements, which means there’s no manual admin required to work out subsidy costs.


But to truly offer an end-to-end childcare management solution, they needed the right payment partner to simplify the collection of childcare fees to improve cash flow and reduce the time spent on payment administration.

The Solution

FullyBooked chose Ezidebit’s integrated payments solution to streamline fee collection for childcare centres/services, reducing time spent on reconciling payments.


Mr. Knell said getting first-time collections relies on setting up an easily understood and managed billing sequence. Childcare centres/services may choose to do this in advance or in arrears and on a weekly, or fortnightly basis.


Ezidebit’s API integration has made setting up customised billing structures and sequences simple and understandable for parents. Using Ezidebit, the centres/services can facilitate a wide range of payment options including weekly, fortnightly, and monthly deductions. They can also set up payment for permanent or casual bookings, which all sync up in their management system with daily settlements.

The Results

FullyBooked partnered with Ezidebit to take the hassle out of running a childcare business by providing an intuitive all-in-one payments solution that plugs into their software. This allows the centre staff to focus on their passion for educating children.


By integrating with Ezidebit’s payment options, FullyBooked provides a flexible, self-managed platform where centres can choose their payment schedules, settlement days, and set up streamlined billing sequences.


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