Kinder m8 and Ezidebit help childcare centres cut admin by 20%

Learn why Kinder m8 chose Ezidebit as its preferred and exclusive payments partner in Australia, and how they work together to provide a premium service to childcare providers.

Kinder m8 is a premium all-in-one digital childcare management platform designed to simplify the daily workload of childcare operators. This includes online enrolments, bookings, invoicing and payment collection to help childcare providers boost productivity and grow their businesses.

Kinder m8’s cloud-based software is used by more than 100,000 people in Australia’s daycare sector and is fully integrated with New Zealand’s early childhood curriculum, Te Whāriki. When looking to extend their suite of features to include a fully integrated Childcare Subsidy (CCS) product called KinderPay — Kinder m8 turned to Ezidebit to help deliver an automated payments solution that was stable, secure, and simple to use.

By partnering with Ezidebit, Kinder m8 has been able to:


Speed up the process of onboarding new families by 15-20%

cash flow
cash flow

Automate and streamline their childcare operators’ debt management and collection

save time
save time

Get paid on time and quickly with consistent settlement times


Starting this journey two years ago, Kinder m8’s vision was to provide early childhood services with the best customer experience possible. This meant being able to offer the best, streamlined software in the market that saved their clients’ time and the headache of a hard to use system.

Kinder m8’s product development process included collecting feedback from their industry network, to help identify gaps and pain points for childcare operators.

It was clear that Kinder m8 had to find a way to enhance how their services would help childcare operators manage their day-to-day operations and automate practices without manual labour.

“It’s not just about providing a solution; we believe in delivering the best customer experience imaginable. It’s important to us that our clients feel supported, heard, and valued. When bringing new products to life, they are always at the forefront of our minds.”

Niroj Sri, CEO, Kinder m8


Kinder m8 set their sights on building KinderPay — a billing and invoicing software that would help childcare operators reduce unnecessary time spent on office management tasks.

When looking to partner with a payment solutions provider to help them with KinderPay, Mr. Sri said they needed a partner with a proven track record in the childcare industry, a stable platform and an unparalleled approach to customer support. Ezidebit helped Kinder m8 introduce an automated payment system, which has saved a significant amount of time for families and centres because everything is managed online.

"Ezidebit pride themselves on partnering with authentic, customer-centric partners. Since working closely with Kinder m8, I've noticed the genuine connection that Niroj and the Kinder m8 team have with their clients. Not only is their CCS product offering outstanding, they work tirelessly to make every part of their clients' journeys seamless and stress-free."

Kim Fazzolari, Business & Development Manager, Ezidebit

Ezidebit’s API integration has helped all of Kinder m8’s centres move to a fully automated payment solution. Using Ezidebit’s system, the centres can create flexible, fully-customised payment options to suit their families. This includes Direct Debit, Real Time Payments (instant online, over the phone, and in person), plus eftpos and BPAY.

Given a big part of Kinder m8’s decision to partner with Ezidebit was also about customer support, it was important that the childcare centres and their payers could easily reach out to Ezidebit for payment-related questions. Mr. Sri said Ezidebit has never failed to provide a prompt response, easy communication and support.

“When looking to partner with a payment solutions provider to work with us on KinderPay, a non-negotiable was to team up with a payments partner that has the same values and premium approach to customer service. Without a doubt, this is Ezidebit.”

Niroj Sri, CEO, Kinder m8


Using Ezidebit’s payment solutions, Kinder m8 has streamlined the process of onboarding new families for their centres by 15-20%. Ezidebit’s automation also solved a common pain point for childcare operators in automating and streamlining debt management and collection.


On top of eliminating the manual processes of chasing late payments, Kinder m8’s clients are happy with the consistent and quick settlement times provided by Ezidebit.

From Kinder m8’s point of view, they’ve been able to automate their own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) operations internally, helping them continue to provide a premium service to their clients. With very specific software requirements from an integration point of view, Kinder m8 is thrilled with Ezidebit’s API and technical team support.

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