Tall Emu

Tall Emu

Ezidebit and Tall Emu CRM This integration provides Ezidebit users an opportunity to use all the power of Tall Emu CRM’s to empower your business. Want to setup automated payment arrangements Want to charge an unlimited amount of customers in a batch Want to manage subscriptions / membership renewals Do all this with a CRM that integrates with All the major Australian accounting systems Want take credit card payments over the phone using our Phone integration capabilities (over 50 PBX supported) …And much much more.

What is Tall Emu CRM? Tall Emu CRM is where all your company data lives and shared across the business. Traditionally, CRM is used to share customer data and for a place to share calendars, set tasks with everyone so that there is a central place for a 360 view of you customers and the business activity. Tall Emu CRM goes well beyond that, as it is an integration platform for a whole suite of business systems you might use to run your business. Find out more or request a demo by going to www.tallemucrm.com


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